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Not playing warband so i feel kinda leftout from most talks. But when i compare sandbox and campaign. It strikes how long it takes to raise a family.

With an option to find orphans at bandit camp or interduce a new type of bandits like slavers from an off map place. Either getting it like a quest from a ruler or caravan rumor.
These should obviously be much harder then regular bandits. Either more in number, like groups of 200+ or camps that needs your whole party to attack.

Once freeing them the option comes to adopt or let go. Both should cost. Let go say gives them 50 000 denars and some equipment. And adopt will make you loose say charm or rouge.

Say this sets in motion when one is at tier 3. And a few groups of these slavers comes into the map hitting villages and various travellers for a time and when say a month has passed they start to leave. So the option of finding orphans is limited.


Why are companions limited i BL and why are companions and famillymembers even seperated? I dont know but whatever bad reasons there are makes us want to round them and have famillymembers instead of companions.

I for one would love different ways to achieve new familly members and companions. Quests would be great! Inter-marrying my companions - kids are clan-members is one other. Adopting kids from dead clans is a third(honestly I feel they should be atleast scattered across the fellow clans same ways fiefs are upon clan death.).
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