once upon a time in march 30 2010

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you released Warband.
Some time before the beta was proving that a flanking single 2hand could run through a whole encounter and hijack the melee all alone by running and spamming.
You decided to "balance" this by mega buff arrows and bolts.
Me assumes part of this decision was made out of the wish to make this game attractive for ego shooter kids.
Even lot of mods do follow you in this.
The worst parts making the melee combat system and its balance, less fun and even straightly obsolete/ unusable in mlutiplayer are what you made the features out of for balancelord:

-Spamming nudists with latern long 2hands > check >instead of making those who run with no armor fall to their feetss and start bleeding every blow that hits<
-OP ranged and mounted Arch >check >highlighted by this shields who have the seize of a pea and wont cover most delicate parts of anyones body<
-even tincans heavy armor with 2hand and powr bow check >i assume this and feature of great historical accuracy :neutral: <
-spawn kill as a "tactical feature" check >instead of givving spawn protect and or choosable spawn (wait is it 2023?)<
-making horses steamtanks who simply roll through anything but a polearm. So you ll scooter car trought 50 units as if they where chicken crisps
>free adjustable body seize so we hunt spammers or even runners

-siege still or again? have this beatiful doors and gates that aree closed by the side where you stand and wont allow defender to get unto relevant flag or fight occaassionallly. This brilliant feature works best with that silly spawn point finder system. At this point i get sick out of my own list. CHECK

All siege system is strictly made out of warband crpg mod btw. this wass a great one but you decided to:

-abondon the condition that certain flags must be taken to unlook other flags deeper in castle to be capable AND
put in what you call a morale? system! OK we collecting startss there right?
attackers can decide majority of sieges by single guys who run through map edges or wtf and backcapp the castles flags.

last but not least one can check your games balane by imagine or even try what multiplayer field battles in balancelord will look alike.
and what meta they will cast:
ranged and mounted with absolutley no chance for a center clash of melee footman.
This is proven by:
- Bannerlord online mod which doesnt alter weapon balances
-loots of this greater captain battles
all shootouts with some rocket ninjas (mounted 1s)pushing through

whereever all units are cotrolled by a player all this is getting aloot worser imao
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