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In Progress Odokh militia refuses to participate

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Currently playing a sandbox game (1st time, usually do campaigns). Joined Southern Empire, & they took Odokh, which I was given as my only fief. I go to it & it has 6 loyalty, but is improving. I have empire culture, but throw a Khuzait companion in to help. When first taking it, loyalty was increasing by 3 per day, although its well below 1 now. I've been there 15-20 days now. When I first took it, the loyalty indicator said high risk of rebellion. When you hover over it, it says 'Settlement is rebelling'. I've stayed in the town most of the time although I've occasionally made quick trips to Danara.

OK, so here's the thing... Loyalty is up to 25 now. Since reaching about 15 it has no longer given the 'High Risk of rebellion' notice and I don't think the Odokh indicator at the top of the screen (when in Odokh) has given any indication of rebellion since loyalty 15 was reached. However...when you hover over Odokh with the cursor, it still says 'Settlement is rebelling' and it also shows no militia even though the indicators at the top show 195 militia and my 'budget' shows I'm still recruiting militia. I believe the militia won't fight for me because of the 'Settlement rebelling' message and this pretty much means if I leave the settlement the Khuzaits will declare war on us and attack it.

The town shouldn't be rebelling at 25 loyalty and the militia should show up as normal to defend it. Fix this.

https://prnt.sc/ThIG_RSnPZ2j Screen shot showing 'Settlement rebelling' message and no militia in town details when hovering over it. This also shows 195 militia at the top of the screen and loyalty 25.

https://prnt.sc/ODs9FXHEfaE7 Screenshot showing loyalty 25 and no indication of rebellion on Town management screen.

I'll also send a save.

Version is current, whatever that is.
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