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Well, for your information:

26 of july: we will close inscription thread. We will publish relation final of players and kingdoms.
27 of July: Brytenwalda 1.396 will be release. It will add Warlords game mode for campaign.
27 of July: we will publish campaign rules and will open interactive web for campaign players.
27-31 of july: we will use this time for reply questions and show like web work for give orders and move troops.
1 of August: Campaign will begin officially. First turn.



Lord Idibil, ... me as Arthur?! :shock:
damn, i chose the elite warrior in order to play a character with a lower responsibility than a king or lord - and now you want me to play as Arthur himself!

... well, ... we didnt get dressed up for nothing, right?  :cool:
so be it - lets kick some saxon asses  :twisted:
Same here, if Logitek the lord of Britons would like to exchange titles and be king, and make me a lord. He is welcome. :razz:

If not, nevermind. I like it the way it is. :smile:
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