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Wow... I haven't even looked in this board in such a long time. Is it a fact of life that we must find our past selves insufferable? Well whatever. It's been a long time since anything has happened in this board, and almost certainly a long time since anyone has played any of my mods... But since this is one of the few places that I have some kind of claim over, I decided I might as well advertise here in case anyone comes back here to look around for whatever reason. Despite all logic and reason telling me to spend my time on productive endeavors, I have had the great pleasure of wasting about three or four years slowly turning a mod over. For a long time it was never intended to see the light of day - but eventually somehow I made something that might be worth sharing. It's definitely a lot more skillfully handled than Roots of Yggdrassil was. It's strange how I did little intensive modding since that time but my skills as a modder still managed to improve vastly. I'm sorry for all the bugs and imperfections in my previous works, and for not realising how special and incredible it is to have hundreds of people enjoying the fruits of my efforts.

Tragically the hordes of new players looking for Warband mods to play have moved on to other games, mostly. It's hard not to think that I'm just casting all my wasted time uselessly out into the void of the internet to be swallowed up into nothing, or maybe start a new religion in a thousand years time. :razz: Yet there is always a chance that someone will get some enjoyment out of it.
There is a thread for the mod here:,351362.0.html
In it you will find all the info about my latest modding project. It's hardly an ongoing one. I'll stick around for WPL2 and try to get that $10000 (yeah right) but after that I should hang this game up for good - and bloody well time for it too. All the same, I've had a great experience. These games and the forums especially had a huge impact on my young life, I was only 14 or so years old when this board was created for my poor little mods. So, even though it's too late for any of the old people to see this post, I want to say thank you, to everyone in this community (now and back then) that was around to share some of my fun. I especially want to thank all the people that helped me with Roots, I definitely took the help for granted and could have been a much better person to many of the old posters whose voices are now frozen in time in this ancient dusty sub-board.

So, yeah. That's it.
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