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New features in the battle system for Light and Darkness! (Sep. 21, 2016)

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Hi all~ :razz:

Today we would like to preview some new features of the battle system that we make  for Light and Darkness II. The new chapter will bring full experience of epic battles of seige and defence, many spots just for players and NPCs to adventure, and some speical sites only for players to explore. Cooperated with the 'bounce-attack', 'shield-bounce' and slow motion, the fighting experience becomes more exciting with more fun.

A. Stamina.
a) Any attack consumes the stamina, which is related with player's data such as strength and  proficency. Longer or heavier weapons consume more.
b) (Gif1) While the green glowing turns dark and flshes fast, the stamina will go down to the limit. If you run out of stamina, the following attack will consume energy.
c) (Gif2) If energy is consumed up, you will have to get a breather for a few seconds defencelessly.



B. Weakness and execution.
Most of the creatures have their weakness. Hit the weakness, and you can do more damage. If you cause enough damage to the weakness, the enemy will breathe for seconds or even fall to the ground so that you can do the execution (click 'F') and additonally recover your energy.

There are various actions designed for different arms, for example,


One-hand weapon

Twp-hand weapon

These new features will be added to the Halloween Specials and we will re-start our server for the multiplayer mod soon.

Welcome and have fun!

I love every single moment of playing Light and Darkness Chapter I. Are you guys seriously making chapter II? and I love your guys work on chapter II, although I'm bit confuse about the dungeon, there's so more you can add it but it was too little unfortunately. I will be looking forward on your works.


A little off-topic. Are custom banners an original feature?
The mod "Diplomacy 4.litdum" is using the same custom banners, so I was wondering...

I didn't see custom banners in the credits either. In case someone cares....


Holy moly, no wonder this has taken so long to develop!

You're reworking the combat system itself!

It's like looking at an entirely new game. Displaying the HP of the enemy is a nice touch that'll really help it feel like an old school hack-and-slash RPG.

I hope you can finish it soon, I saw the video of the siege gameplay too and it looks incredible.

Eagerly awaiting Light and Darkness 2!


EDIT - I get the feeling enemies are going to be a lot tankier, and the stamina and critical hit systems will be an interesting way of finishing off otherwise tanky enemies. Can't wait to go toe-to-toe with Fenrir again and slap his lifeless carcass around with Gimli's Axe.


I would like to ask if and when it will be possible to make your own kingdom in this game\mod and do you plan for any features like diplomacy and is it possible to use siege engines in this mod singleplayer?
Never thought I'd no longer look forward to chapter 2... I hate stamina systems in mount & Blade mods, they're always so low no matter how many points you put into the skills for them that you can't really enjoy the mods... guess I'll give up waiting for chapter 2 after all...


The Mod is still in development and  the  Halloween Specials version has updated  to 2.868. You can download this Mod from the website below.The sever is located in China, you may have a higher ping than the local payer.


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Auggh! I can't figure out how to get a download going as I don't speak/read Chinese. :oops:

Still, it's very good news to see the mod continues!! :mrgreen:

I'll try to continue being patient for the English release. :???:


OldGreyBeard said:
Auggh! I can't figure out how to get a download going as I don't speak/read Chinese. :oops:

Still, it's very good news to see the mod continues!! :mrgreen:

I'll try to continue being patient for the English release. :???:
You can download the mod from here-steam-community-workshop and search 'Light and Darkness - Specials'
Pay attention to the files steam downloaded, rename the folder, cut it to Mount&Blade Warband\Modules
If you don't do this, your game will crash when you try to play mutiplayergame, but you still can play offline(the signlepalyer mode is only a demonstration of chapter two)
This mod is also available for english  speaker, though the translation is not very good :roll:
And at last, sorry for my poor english


What exactly do I need to name the mod folder, if I want to play in multiplayer? When I try to join a server I only get the message: "the server is running a module that is not installed on your computer". What should I do?
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