[NC2013] Congratulations, Thanks and Final Thoughts

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captain folms

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sotamursu123 said:
Folms said:
Sadly couldn't take part in this one. Although, it was great watching others, congratz Germany! Thanks to the admins and streamers who made this tournament really special.
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I don't have friends.


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sotamursu123 said:
Trebron said:
Gustel said:
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Thanks for the opportunity to help admin the tournament. There's always more I could have done, and I hope I helped enough where needed.

You have done an excellent job keeping threads updated and keeping the tournament running smoothly. I appreciate your efforts, especially after I brought democracy to the old world and changed your plans for the UK team. You've done tremendously well managing the many parts of a successful tournament, and I can only hope that future tournaments in Warband and Bannerlord will have the same level of professionalism and dedication.

A few things you added that turned out better than I anticipated:

  • Live drawing for group placement, with over 60(?) people watching the thread as it went down.
  • Knockout stage was as smooth as it could have been. I know placement for this has been tumultuous in the past.
  • Home/away rules were as good as they can be. Again, the rules worked better in this tournament than they have in previous NCs. Still far from ideal, but I blame TW for not flying us all to Turkey.
  • Streamed matches had great turnouts, and were genuinely exciting.

Once again, thanks for all of your work organizing this beast. Hopefully the next NC will be in a new game!


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Shemaforash said:
Germany vs Turkey had above 185 viewers at one point.
Great succes I say. Good job with the tournament. Group stage draw was epic, I'd like to see more stuff like that.  :grin:

Thanks to all  teams and captains I played against. Eveything was smooth and it was pleasure to meet you all.  :shock:


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Ah, we'll crush 200 easy with WNL coming up!
Also got a nice SNL Final to stream, enough to stream!


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Finally thanks to the Kingdom of Swadia for allowing us to use their UK server which proved very handy for dealing with transatlantic matchups
I hosted The Kingdom of Swadia's server at the time. :smile: Good Cup, I hope to have the next in Bannerlord!