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Players have to group up into factions and claim one of the bases on the map.
After some time those fractions may declare wars against others or make some diplomatic moves.
The goal is to defeat other kingdoms and rule the land.

You need to settle this wild land.
Like in Kingdoms RP you need to form groups, but in this you have to construct your settlements and try to survive.
Later you may fight against other settlements or try to cooperate.

Town RP is basically a sandbox, where you can play as town guard, mayor, bartender, priest, hobo, or maybe cult leader. Just have fun.

Your town is cut off the rest of the world. You have to survive the harsh winter and strange occurrences.
Make expeditions, fortify your town and don't get sick.

One of the players is the Dictator, who has loyal guards.
He may do anything he likes, but if he cross the line there may be revolt against him.
The goal of dictator is to rule as long as possible being very abusive in the same time.
Guards have to help him achieve this goal.
The rest of the citizens may try to help him or revolt against him. They may also just try to survive.

Papers, Please
One of the teams are guards. They have to protect their town and it's borders.
Second team are refugees who want to enter the town.
Some of them are terrorists who want to see the World burn.
The goal of guards team is to protect the town but they have to let in the refugees at the same time.
Second team has to enter the town in legal or illegal way. The terrorist have to blow up some of the constructions inside the town.

Murder Boat
You are on a steam ship, but it has no coal anymore. Suddenly some armed crew members are going crazy.
One team has to hide at the beginning and later escape with small boat or fight back.
Second team has to mercilessly murder the first team.

One of the players is high priority target. He has his guards, but they don't know who is the assassin.
The second team are guests, recruits, depending on the story. Among them there's at least one assassin.
First team has to keep the target alive. Second may help the guards if they see the assassins attacking.
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