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OSP Musket Era 3D Art Napoleonic OSP

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Forum thread for the OSP author Berthout, indexing a MBRepository file (the author can have the thread reattributed to him on request should he become active again).

This is an OSP with items from Europe 1805: War of the Third Coalition.
You are free to use them in your (public) mod if you give me credit AND put link to the mod in your credits:

Note of Moderator: The author forgot to upload the textures, they need to be picked up from the mod itself. I am too lazy for that, hence no screenshots. List of content:
  • 5 colpacks
  • French Cuirassier Helmet
  • French Dragoon Helmet
  • 7 Bearskins
  • 2 Czapkas
  • 2 Tarletons
  • Tyrolean Hat
  • Swedish Dragoon Hat
  • Bicorn
  • Austrian Infantry Helmet
  • 2 Württemberger Helmets
  • Russian dragoon Helmet
  • 7 Hussar Uniforms
  • Swedish Dragoon Uniform
  • 4 Empire style dresses
  • White Gloves
  • 10 pair Hessian Boots
  • Infantry Boots
  • Cavalry Boots
  • Civilian Shoes
  • Infantry Shoes
  • Briquet Sabre
  • Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre
  • An XI Light Cavalry Sabre
  • An IV Dragoon Sword
  • An XI Heavy Cavalry Sabre
  • English Officer Sword
  • 3 Map Icons
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