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Hello all, I am Vocals leader of Teutonic Order. We are an NA clan that is pursuing large scale battles for siege/battle mode. Organized clan battles, and PW/PK "Persistent World mod" are planned for the future. We are a group that has been going on for about two years now, and we are currently at the time of this post 21 active members, with Infantry Unit, Cavalry unit, and an up and coming archer unit. Archers for the time being are a mobile unit that moves with the Infantry. We of course like other groups/people will have our own server when they become officially available.

Going more in our units.

We have what I would call full roles.
When you come into our group you start with the infantry for a few days, and as those days go you get to know the group and my self. We then will ask you what class interest you are and we will open that options for you to choose whether that is Cavalry, Infantry, or Archer, and that point after your choice you are expected to stay and play with that unit where you will build chemistry there. We of course are not demons, so if you really hate the class you then we will let you change.

Infantry must have a minimum cap of 12 and that number will go up as more additions come into NATO. That meaning you will not be able to switch into one of the other two units if there is not enough Infantry.

Our Archer unit which is our least developed unit currently runs with the Infantry but still playing as an archer class. If the Infantry goes into combat, then Archers must then pull their melee weapons and join the fight. In the future as we plan of course let an Archer unit be its own unit, but I plan to first develop a strong Infantry and Cavalry presence with in our unit.

Cavalry is the only current unit that has a cap of members in the unit, because the priority is to develop our Infantry Unit first to a strong noticeable number and as those numbers go up, new Cavalry positions will open.

Our official group up nights.

Our main event/group up with the current state of the game is Mondays and Thursdays starting at 9:00 PM EST - 10:30 PM EST
We use discord for everything.

However we still use Discord during non NATO events, which I will also post a link a below to our discord.
Discord Link:

To finish this up! If you have any interest in being apart of the North American Teutonic Order, then just join our discord or Guilded and we will get you set up there and go into more detail!

Thank you everyone!
Leader Of Teutonic Order (NATO)

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When I play with vocals, I can't help but feel a warm fire deep inside my soul. It's like I'm watching a movie, but it's a movie that I'm a part of. It's like I'm living a dream when I fight alongside my brotherns in a shield wall.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Uhtred Ragnarsson. You can call me Uhtred son of Uhtred. I'm a warrior and a heathen at heart. I was raised on blood and mud and a sword between my legs.

I was born in the shadow of Bebbanburg, my father's fortress of a castle. I was born on the Wall, while my mother hailed from the land of the Saxon. She was a Christian and I was raised in her faith. My father, he was a pagan, a worshipper of the old gods. He was a warrior and a man of violence. He died when I was young. Slain by a sword that belonged to a man named Ragnar. Ragnar, he was a Northman. A man of the sea, a Viking, a raider. He was a man that my father had slighted. My father, he was a man of honour, a good man. He offered Ragnar justice, but he wanted revenge.

He wanted my mother. He beheaded my father and gave my mother to his men. Fight with me alongside NATO to reclaim Bebbanburg. DESTINY IS ALL!
I was recruited as a peasant for 10 gold by Lord Uhtred, I'm happy with the choice of companions and the general state of affairs in the party. 10/10 would join if you're looking for a fun, friendly, and organized clan. :party:
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