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Here they are!

1. Campaign story: Something I think we could all agree on is the severe lack of story in Bannerlord, and I think is one if not the main reason the world feels so “dead” that a lot of people talk about. Although it is a sandbox game, I think scripting a more meaningful campaign story could be done if cleverly implemented: Specifically a couple of ideas came to mind.

What if for each playable race there were optional story that you could select, like for example a Boudicca themed campaign where it resembles a Battanian female hero based off of history where you resist the encroaching empire invading Battania, where you could resist and unite Battania and fight off and save the land. At a certain point free campaign could take over and you could take the narrative over from there. Or you could choose a normal campaign

Just one race example but I think that this would add a lot more appeal to the game, if done correctly. You could have multiple story arks/options whenever you start a campaign for each race and could be as complicated or as simple (scripting wise) as you needed in order to implement so long as the story is engaging. Although I am kind of dreaming here it would still be cool

I suppose implementing the main campaign would be a start..

2. Proper campaign ai: for me there is nothing more frustrating than being in a small army where you are about to engage a larger force with another smaller ally army nearby that at the last moment takes off at the worst possible moment when the fight is about to start... really annoying. I heard however that some sort of control of armies is on the horizon, how far this is implemented is another story. Control of ai armies to stop all the stupidity on the campaign map and priority aka not going off to defend a far flung castle vs much needed bodies on the front etc is really needed. You all know what I am talking about, needs to be fixed and perhaps player control via influence can fix this

3. Petitions: Something that really lacks in this game is activities to do outside of war, aka peacetime activities, so why not add in some features? Something I thought would be cool is when stationed in your castle or city is the option to hold court, where you then enter your throne room, sit on the throne and take petitions from your peasants, vassals etc where you hear and deal with issues in your kingdom, / fiefdom and- include a kneeling animation for peasants and a bow for Nobles for maximum immersion!

This could have all sorts of interesting stories and effects, such as relations increases, bonuses to settlements, to companions, to yourself, trait increases or decreases, and as much as you can imagine, And have debuffs go these things if you make a poor decision, fail a dialogue check, whatever, with the more kinds of petitions and having lots and lots of varying petitions being better and would finally give us a reason to visit our Castles and throne rooms,

Anyway, yes this game is all about war but fleshing out the game for me would make it way more replay able and adding a lot more activity outside of war would be a bonus

3, Crowns, and banners for that matter, really.. it’s time

4.Way more interesting companions, similar to the mod on the nexus with their own backstories etc, something much better than what we currently have, I think following that mod as an example would be a great starting point.

5. The usual, better battle ai, way more involved diplomacy, more armours, more field battle maps, battania non royal archer line the usual stuff that should be implemented

Also Way better sieges as mentioned two posts above would be great as well,


1. Well, we already have a campaign story (never played it in 900 hours) and the problem is that you already know what awaits you after seeing it once. If we need more story, then it has to be unpredictable so that not every playthrough is the same. And it should have an effect on the gameplay and not be story just because of the story. Unique items that you can`t get anywhere else, unique traits, unique companions, love stories, fights, everything with a little cut scene to make the world finally a bit lively and immersive. Let`s say one special location (religious sites, ruins, abandoned villages) per culture where you can each trigger one of several possible events that have a more meaningful impact on your campaign.
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