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Bad Idea

Following the apocalypse theme of demon mod's previous updates, 0.9 will be the 3rd in a series of megapatches, themed after war.
It will be featuring some new classes, maps and starting wave enemies into the game as well as game play balance for some of the newer features. Veteran and Elite enemies will be implemented in the next patch for the purpose of more frequent updating.

Any suggestions can be posted here to help improve the mod further.

New Stuff:

Thief Class
The new 3rd class for the Chaos faction, a very agile fighter equipped with unique weaponry. His hand crossbows reload much faster than guns (about twice as fast) while dealing slightly less damage, and his smoke bombs can be used to stun enemies for a short time preventing them from either moving or fighting back. He is unharmed by fall damage and takes reduced damage from charging horses or ranged attacks.



No bolt in the crossbow :sad: pistol animation places the weapon differently so bolts won't line up with the weapon model

'Point Blank' Mechanic
I've noticed a lot of you guys going for close proximity face shots with your pistols. Now when you shoot an enemy with your gun at a very short distance the damage will be multiplied up to 150% so you have a higher chance to kill it. The closer an enemy is, the more deadly your gun will become. Friendly AIs have this ability as well, but demon troops do not.

Gameplay Balance

A limit is placed on how many enemies a spell can damage (to prevent spell-spam)

Berserker fortitude potion nerfed

Poison vial lasts longer

Crossbows no longer have gun sounds
Sorry for the lengthy delay of updates. Good news is the new classes and items for 0.9 are nearly finished and release of the next patch will be soon.

Here are the new additions to the mod.

Name Changes:

Grey Knights are now "Greygaurd"

Chaos is now "Outcasts"

New playable classes:

Warlord  class. Mounted trrop equipped with guns and tougher horses than a normal knight

Noble Guard class. Mounted troop equipped with crossbows and fortitude potion

A new 'Mercaneries' faction (working name, need suggestions for a new one).

Warden - Carries a shield and axe as his main weapons. Can equip basic spells for ranged attacks

Vangaurd - A highly agile axeman with a crossbow as his ranged weapon. Possibly magical?

Vigilant - A specialized crossbowman with spears and a bonus vs. mounts

Major overhauls to the magic system. Watch the video to see what i mean.
Update: 0.9 released planned for this weekend

The "mercenaries" faction has been cut for now, do to its currently bland and under-developed state. The new patch will still include the Thief, Noble Guard and Warlord classes, new magic system, etc. as well as some siege maps I've re-purposed to work for captain co-op. The plan is to iron out the new gameplay mechanics before throwing in new enemies, etc. so that everything can be ready for a Halloween release. Stay tuned!
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