Music Warband attibution don't work

Sir Protheus

Good afternoon From Paris Dev Team

Thanks a lot for your game but there is a big problem with certains musics during the campaign.
For example :
The lords_hall_swadian.ogg have never turned on.

Another example :
If i go to walk in Praven, a Swadian City, it's town_neutral.ogg which is on. Why it's not town_swadian.ogg?

It seems that musics in game don't respect music's names (in music folder).  Is it a pb of triggers in the code? Possible to correct them for the next patch? I confirm that i use the latest version of Warband

In another Part, there aren't music files for Sarranide. Is it possible in the next patch the files and create the triggers? If these musics are not ready, you could place khergit or neutral musics in theses files.

Terribly sorry if there are vocabulary mistakes ^^'
Thanks for your answers.