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- Archers need weaker equipment - only palas and maybe shield, or a proper weapon and no shield
- Make the shields at least 50% less durable
- Seax is too fast and therefore overpowered. It needs to be nerfed.
- New animation for exhaustion, and not that humping animation or whatever it is.
- Keep the humping air animation as a taunt or something.
- And last but not least - ship battles with moving ships, like the ones from the single player, that is, when and if you can get to it of course

-Well, archers are more storng in britons, irish or pictish factions because they have more weak heavy inf that invasors.
-But seax cause low damage. It need be fast.
-Haha, a option is a animation where you cannt move. What you think? But then you lose actual animation.
-Humping air animation? what?
-No actually. Ship battles will be static in multiplayer, like seafare scene. Maybe in future.

- Suggestion; Instead of running out of stamina, slow down attack significantly, if thats even possible, or at least make it so you can block/defend somehow. Again if possible. Still its something to get used to aswell to be honest. Just thinking out loud.
Is there a difference between a briton archer and a pictish archer? with the latter i had more stamina problems. Could be me.

-Option e of previus reply?
-Items say how many stamina you lose
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