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Important: The game does not have any official or unofficial release date yet.

This topic is opened to archive all information about the game since the game is announced. My aim is updating this topic whenever a new, credible information comes out about the game. You can find all the developer blog links, official gameplay videos, trailers, and the screenshots that are released. Also, you can find some additional content from the web about Bannerlord like interviews or exclusive coverages. Please do not hesitate to send me personal messages about this topic on how to improve it. Or just to provide links to news articles that can be added to the list.

This topic is intended only for keeping all the legit information about the game in one topic. You can join the conversation about the game in this board! Don't forget to press the Notify Me button on the top right to follow all the updates about this topic.

You can find Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord on Steam. You can add the game to your Wish Lists and you can follow the game on Steam to get the latest updates on that platform.

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Here you can find all the screenshots and artworks about Bannerlord. If i missed any legit screenshots of the game please forward them to me, so i can add them here!

2017-2018-2019 Developer Blogs Screenshots:
In-Game Screenshots:]]



Game Engine Screenshots:


Press Release Screenshots:
E3 2017 Screenshots June 2017 Screenshots May 2017

PCGamer Exclusive Screenshots March 2017

Legacy Developer Blog Screenshots:
Developer Blog 15 March 2017

Developer Blog 14 July2016

Developer Blog 13 April 2016

Developer Blog 12 December 2015

Developer Blog 11 August 2015

Developer Blog 10 March 2015

Developer Blog 9 January 2015

Developer Blog 7 2014

Developer Blog 6 May 2014

Developer Blog 5 March 2014

Developer Blog 4 January2014

Developer Blog 3 December 2013

Developer Blog 2 December 2013

Developer Blog 1 November 2013

Screenshots September 2013

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