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hello, 1st i wish to express how amazed how the game is growing, as i wish to suggest if possible adding few simple things to make the game more less of a ( im limited feeling):
1- adding a sprit ability in battles and towns for the player, it might be better to make it normal or add it as a perk for game objective perpuses.
2- add perks that unlocks more of a special attacks, like tapping specific directions will trigger a specific animation such as down attacks.
puting that, im not asking to something like a 1 man army combos like an overpowered dynasty warriors like game, but it would feel nice to see the game is more deep in in the action part as much as its in command and counquer part of it, making the player acceptably more special then he soldiers movements, and no need to recode the whole thing or anything, you can always make it as a secret end perk that unlocks those functions after reaching a certain athletic level.
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