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I've played the vanilla version of this game and enjoyed it thoroughly.. a huge improvement over the first in the series, which was already one of my favourite games.

I now want to play using mods and looking for some information.

1. I find the physics regarding cavalry charges unrealistic.
You can only attack one unit at a time. I know this isn't how cavalry charges would operate and the cavalry could hit and skewer multiple enemies, also there would be tramble/bash damage for simply running into/over enemies.
Games like the 'total war' series include these physics into combat by default. if there's such a mod that would be brilliant.

2. I am from Wales. If there was a mod that would make Wales a playable nation, with a Welsh longbowman??? possibly a coracle?(sp) which is a unit that carries a boat on it's back making travelling through water quicker. although I don't know if this would really be worthwhile in m&b??? but would be great to include some historical welsh units. The flag should not be the dragon (that isn't historical) would be great to be historically correct? I know this is a make believe world in m&b so no need to point that out, I just would like to play a welsh nation.

3. more blood/gore. Feeling like it's a real war, with all the nitty gritty would make for better immersion.

4. Whatever mods I am overlooking? or what you all regard as must haves? I am looking to read your views and see if I think it's something I want..

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