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Modding Question

So I decided to dabble into modding, nothing too fancy, just some troops tree shenanigans.
Especially focused on the Empire wich intend to make each one of them different.

Northern Empire: Roman Republic Inspired Troops with Nord Mercenary Elite like the Varangian Guard.

Western Empire: Western Roman Empire inspired: Will have Battania Auxilia and Legionary Elites

Southern Empire: Byzantium inspired with some mercenaries and capa... cata... armoured horse Elite.

I'm also changing other kingdoms troop trees focusing on more gambeson and mail armour.

So I installed modding tools and created the mod folder and used Mylittlewarband mod to create troops xml files.

Now how do I make the troop xml override the vannila one?

Or should I just copy the vannila one and copy paste and delete values?

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