Make controlling block direction great again!

Do you think that directional blocking in Bannerlord has become harder compared to Warband?

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When playing Bannerlord in comparison to Warband I found that I would sometimes block in the wrong direction where in Warband I wouldn't. The cause I was able to identify is the following:

In Warband the direction of a swing or block was controlled by mouse movement before or just after klicking the mousekey. Most people used to klick and draw the mouse "at the same time".
In Bannerlord, as I have tested, it has become necessary to move the mouse first and klick the key second. This has made directional blocking rather clumsy and/or error prone to me. It will also not be fixed just by adapting the blocking speed as the clumsyness comes from the necessarity on the player's side to perform essentially two actions instead of one.

This should be a rather simple thing to fix and would make combat far more enjoyable to me.


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I'm guessing Warband registers your attack direction while you're moving the mouse and maybe updates it with something like a 0.05 second delayed check (after pressing the mouse button) that can override it. I noticed the arrows can display one direction, after having clicked, and then quickly change to the other if you move the mouse fast enough.

It's hard to tell if Bannerlord has something similar, but I've personally felt it's been just as responsive to attack/block direction.
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