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Summary: (Xbox Series X, game is downloaded to console. I have auto save interval set to every 10 minutes) While playing on my main save, the game crashed and said I needed to update the game. When the update was done, I had the same module mismatch error as many others. I couldn’t load my character. So I started a new one on sandbox. After an hour or so on the new character, never manually saving over my old saves and only hitting “save” on the new character, I went and tried my main character again. It let me load in, but when I did I had lost hours of progress. The actual most recent save was gone, and I believe that the new character save saved over my main character save.
How to Reproduce: Make a main character, play it a bunch, have the game crash, remove the most recent update, get module mismatch errors, make a new character, save on that character, try your old character.
Have you used cheats and if so which: no cheats

Why would the game save over a completely different file in a different tab? If that’s done purposely, you should change that to something you can only do manually by hitting “save as.”

Also I don’t know what these branches mean so I’m hitting main. I just play the game through gamepass.
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