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First of all, I absolutely love this game, so big thanks for bringing something awesome to console players. After the most recent update though, I’m unable to load any of the saves for my campaign game, which I had about 150 hours devoted to. Whether I choose to “continue campaign” or manually load a saved game, the mismatched module notice appears, I select “continue” and the game crashes during the loading screen. Is the studio aware of anything widespread like this on PS5?

Summary: Can’t load PS5 saved games after December 2023 update
How to Reproduce: Try to load saved game file from before update, select continue after pop-up notice about mismatched modules. Game crashes during loading screen.
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We are investigating this issue. Could you also try this on a new campaign? We have a fix that fixes a certain crash after the load finishes but it was sadly not part of 1.2.7. IT will come to the consoles with 1.2.8. But we can't be sure if these two crashes are the same yet.
Could you also crash and send the files again? We are able to see descriptions and it would be great if you can write as much details as possible so that we can find your dump and try it with the save file.

Could you also share the detailed version number of the current version of your game and the save files you are trying to load?
Game version 1.016.000

Game does NOT crash when loading into new campaign

When loading saved game from before the most recent update, it crashes from the loading screen where the viewer is seeing the progress bar across the bottom with the game’s artistic renditions as a background. It crashes at the halfway mark. I was playing the base game (as I’m on console) and had not messed with any game files in the way a PC modder might.

I just performed the crash again and submitted the report via Sony. Is there another way to get you the crash report?

None of the 3 save files below worked when loading (my crash report is associated with the first one listed)

ko3 07/12/23 02:17
ko2 18/11/2023 02:37
King Osric 17/11/2023. 02:18
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