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Hey, i'm not a new player of WFaS but i'm really noob in the art of the modding. I'm trying by some hours to install the WFaS module system for fix and add some things in a mod that i created time ago for try (i just added a few items and troops). I tried to work the bat file but it really never works. First it said that the PC  couldn't recognize the Py files, after that it couldn't find the PY files and Syntax errors. Can someone help me, please? Or just send a link where to download a native module with the Module System, pls?


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Focus on this part of it:
But. If you've failed to do something from the above, you can get errors. The highest chance of an error you'll get is to see
'python' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
about twenty times in a row. What this means is that you haven't set up your "Path" variable properly. Feel free to consult the stickied How to fix "Python not recognised..." thread in the forum.
If/When everything works OK, keep reading.

Uh... I'm getting a "can't open file" or something" error! What do I do?
You must be sure to have Read/Write permissions to your ModSys folder, and to your new mod's folder, of course. You can try running the build_module.bat as an admin, it may work - I haven't tried it, I don't know. However, putting the ModSys folder on the Desktop or in My Documents is bound to fix the problem.

I'm getting another error!
Use the forum's Search function (it's in the top-right corner) or ask a question in the Q&A thread. Do not make a new thread specifically for your question.


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You will need to be more exact. What doesn't work, what have you tried?