Listen to this voice. Everything is in a very bad state!

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1 god's day servers did not work properly and it will never work properly i note it here (they couldn't, There's a problem they can't get over)
that is TRUE and others may not believe it but that IS the only issue on this multiplayer game. SAD taleworlds don't get their act together.

SAD they release on 25th and consoles wont be crossplay with pc, we needed more players bad.

I think i recall saying that some people refuse to give money to Epic Games, but they're a small minority compared to people who'd pony up if it means playing a better medieval multiplayer game.

I don't mind the platform, being steam, or epic IF the game is worth it. heck I have epic games titles that require OTHER launchers.

And to what other title you refer? mordhau? chiva2? that's hilarious its like comparing "war thunder" to "Il-2 Sturmovik", call of duty to ArmA series.

I have them in my library, didn't refund them, don't play them anymore, the better medieval multiplayer game is bannerlord.

cRPG being a work in progress constantly tweaking mechanics, already killed the vanilla servers, its full or with enough players 24/7 at least in my time zone. still we are few players, but Bannerlord as Warband is a niche game not a medieval cod and will never be an e-sport.


Yes, I agree with some points but I also think modding will revive this game but then again if the server keeps crashing there is an issue, and the bigger issue is the full release will happen in days now. I definately still think combat needs a little tweaking but then again, this game is the only game as far as I know with different system compared to mordhau and chivalry so its very important to fix these issues before full release because like I said in the early access we had access to a 200k playerbase wich could have helped mp.
Attacking in the game blocking is not what it used to be, There is a ping opportunity. Someone who gets 50ms ping and someone who gets 15ms ping is never the same! it wasn't like this before..Low ping gives a serious advantage. if as i mentioned. If 50ms and 15ms are fighting, the 50ms side suffers serious delays.. I'm saying 50 and 15, I'm not talking about a difference like 100 and 30 here. FF should definitely be activated, there are so many funny images, 10 men fighting emptiness to kill 1 man.. it wasn't like this before. As far as I have observed, if the number of people on the server is less, it is more stable. game speed used to be slower, maybe they should go back to these settings. There are serious latency problems.. For example, let's say you're making a block, It is very likely that you will die even though you see that you are blocking. In summary, there is a lot of difference between the combat experience they gave in the old first releases and the current one. It was a seamless, immersive experience. It was possible to fight against 2 or even 3 people fluently, this is not possible now.

I tried to explain as best I could.sorry for bad english.



Knight at Arms
it has so much potential but you destroyed it.the future was in the multiplayer part.. you are lost in the single player section!
I think Bannerlord's MP had the potential to (very easily) expand the playerbase in a big way if it had been handled more sensibly, but I still think the SP and its mods would've remained more popular, and there was a bigger urgency to get the basis of that part of the game done correctly (even if they didn't flesh it out very well).

Things people have said about TW's games over the years...

"It's good to see that new experiences can still be had in PC games, what with the general cynicism and consolisation of the 'professional' games industry wiping out the majority of original ideas at their very conception."

"I would like to thank all the developers for creating this awesome game ... Every day I leave work an hour early just to play this game ... So if you could give some info to where to donate and how that would be great."

"I don't care if Bannerlord is ****, I will preorder it anyways."

"Do you guys remember when that user came on and said his 5 year old son had (apparently) suffered permanent hearing damage playing Bannerlord because of the stupid buggy noise MP used to make and he was going to sue taleworlds?"


You can't say people didn't get any hearing damage from the Boom of Doom. It literally blasted screeching noise at the very highest volume allowed by each person's respective headphones.

At the very least some of the sensory cells responsible for hearing were damaged or killed. After such a sound played, many people reported their ears ringing which is indicative of (some type) of hearing damage.
What did I say when I opened a topic a few days ago?
server crash issues
they will never be able to solve it!
Crowded servers still have incredible latency issues!
There are still a lot of bugs in the game!
Press tab here is a bug
Try to climb the stairs to the castle, here is a bug
No friendly fire yet, still has a combat experience like comedy..


Would be true if it wasn't for the MP section being populated by a total of 5 people. VERY SAD !

Still astonishing tbh.

The fact you played for so long honestly makes me believe otherwise at this point.

I don't understand how some of you call the game bad but go on to play 2000 hours of it. Must be a ton load of hopium.
You've been on the forum complaining that you don't like the game since 2019, that's more than enough time to get 2000 hours

Ser Jon

OP is most certainly not wrong about multiplayer. In all honesty, it hasn't really changed all that much from the beta sign up. The phase where it was only multiplayer, can't remember what it filed under. I played that every day it was open and today, loading up MP, the same sort of issues persist to this day.

MP is in a far worse state than SP. And OP is right, it's kind of shameful. I can get that if SP is the main focus, but if that is the case, maybe MP should have waited until SP was finished before it was done? Now it's stuck in this sort of limbo state that absolutely no one is happy with.
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