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Rebalances the leveling system to make the leveling rate more consistent compared to vanilla. Now you can actually reach skill level 300 before the heat death of the universe.

Starting a new game is highly recommended.

Comes in 2 flavors.
The standard version only changes things strictly related to the leveling system.
The plus version changes a couple of things not directly related to the leveling system.

List of changes for both versions:
  • The sp required to level up a character now increases linearly instead of exponentially: 6000+(800 x character level).
  • The xp required to level up a skill now increases linearly instead of exponentially: 500+(10 x skill level)
  • The learning rate remains static as you level up instead of decreasing.
  • Earn an attribute point every 2 levels instead of 4.
  • Tweaked the xp rewards of many actions to so they do not level up too slowly or too quickly.

List of changes for the Plus versions:
  • Altered to equipment value formula to make high tier items reasonably priced while cheaper items remain almost the same. Up to a 95% price reduction for the most expensive items, no more 100k javelins or 500k armor.
  • Changed research points required to unlock new components from a exponential formula to a static value. (each time you craft or smelt something you gain hidden research points based on the item value of what was crafted or smelted)

Download Link

Feedback is welcomed as it helps improve the mod. Let me know if you feel something levels up too quickly or too slowly.
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“**** this grind, but I’m not gonna use cheats.”
That is the sentiment of this little mod, and I 100% agree.

Thanks for doing this.


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I installed this about two weeks ago and I don't think I will be uninstalling it very soon


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I have created a new experimental version for those who feel like being my test subject.
List of changes in the experimental version:
  • Learning limit is based exclusively on attribute points: "attribute points x 30".
  • Learning rate is based exclusively on focus points: "1 + focus points".
  • Every skill level over the limit reduces the learning rate by 0.2.
UPDATE: the experimental version has been discontinued due to my own laziness.
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This mod improves the character development experience immeasurably. (y)