Królewska Flota Wojenna Rzeczpospolitej

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"Bij Szwedzina, bij Szwedzina,
lej Szwedzina, lej!
Pamiętaj brachu - tęga mina,
tylko w głos się śmiej.
Nam karków nic nie zgina,
nie przegramy bitwy tej!
Nikt naszych armat nie powstrzyma,
razem hej, a hej!"


Królewska Flota Wojenna Rzeczpospolitej (Commonwealth Royal Navy) is new, navy focused clan in The Deluge. Our main aim is to reenact Polish Fleet from XVII century, although we are not typical role-playing clan. Now mod supports maps with maximum of two huge vessels, so our task for the moment is to recreate flagship from Battle of Oliwa, with its original name "Rycerz Święty Jerzy" (Knight Saint George) and its historical crew. We look forward to some roleplay events, however, We plan to play mainly regular, casual, climatic gameplay with a bit of historical accuracy.

"Rycerz Święty Jerzy"

The crew:

Admirał (Clan leader) - Arend Dijckman (Robsonn)

Kapitan (Leader Deputy & Marine Infantry Commander) - Jan Storch (StachuJones)

Kapitan (Second Deputy & Cannoneers Commander) - Herman Witte (Free to take)

Navigator (0/1)
Tillerman (0/1)
Cannoneer (0/16)
Melee Infantry (2/15)
Ranged Infantry (3/15)​


Because We just started and have very few people, You can just PM Me and write which place You would like to take. However, after We gather up some part of crew, the only way to join the crew will be playing a bit as a casual sailor, and then promoting to class You would like to have.