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Knights the Last Battle ver 1

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Ulrich von Liechtenstein

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Denslim wakes my interpreter.

Denslim, поясни что мы не занимались английскими текстами, на тот момент у нас не было такого человека. Так как было много работы по моду.
Если возьмется за изменения английского текста freyj то будит отлично.

Magnum said:
Stinus said:
I am sorry to say it, but that last skin is butt ugly. BTW is it acceptable in former Sovjet Russia to steal other modders work? I have seen it in so many communities!


Enough talk bunkum


English texts for Knights in a poor condition.
The first reason - Knights team had not english language specialist at that time,
and had started work without any language support.
The second one - it was too much work for too small team!
Knights team wants to recieve language help from freyj.
Freyj, if you will make english texts for Knights team, it will be great!


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Fuwa is about busy, for such huge work as full translation, but I consider that translation must be done with knowledge of local region verbalities and idioms feature. Unacceptable to use modern english to all variety of factions. And whats up to me, I had a wide gap in practice, thats why, my todays skills will be useless, for reasonable and correct translation of texts, moreover with historical etimology for every region depicted in the mod, it must be expert in history as more in language.

As for me I was playing M&B in english since the early beginning, the only exception was "RusXIII", so I'am intrested in literate translation, may be will help in some cases, its too much to be done by one's own.


Knight at Arms
I know this awesome mod was made by non-english speakers, its an awesome mod too. I'm just a grammer nut  :lol:


Um... I guess I didn't promise "making a super-cool English translation for a drama" or anything like that. I mean, first thing first, I don't read Russian at all. So my "translation" would be as good as Google Translate.

I was simply talking about fixing language discrepancies. Assuming the feature list in the original post is still current, this mod shouldn't have added a large amount of text. So I imagine fixes would most likely be limited in:

1) Reference to Calradia, Swadia, etc. throughout the game
2) Non-standard names for titles, items, troops (e.g. Swiss Union vs. Swiss Confederation)
3) Dialogs involving companions (e.g. back story, conflicts, compliments, right of rule quests)

Fixing these things should take care of most of the language related complaints we have seen in this thread.


Gunny said:
I know this awesome mod was made by non-english speakers, its an awesome mod too. I'm just a grammer nut  :lol:

:mrgreen: non-english should have a capital letter for English, you've repeated that "it's an awesome mod" twice in the same sentence, the correct spelling is "grammar" and not "grammer", and you should have put an apostrophe in its, so it reads it's  :mrgreen:

So I guess you were joking about being a grammar nut?  :roll:

Only kidding!  :grin:

I agree with you though - this is a brilliant mod and has loads of potential. The team has made a fantastic effort and achieved so much. On top of that they have to struggle with an unfamiliar language! This has got to be one of the best mods available - period.  :cool:



Nice to see such opinions about "Knights the last battle"!

Ulrich von Liechtenstein has told yesterday following things:

1. Mod will have strong changes in models, and mod will be more better, than today.
2. But, at this moment, Knights team has a lot of work and needs a some time to finish this work.

Please, be patient, while you are waiting for the patch.


Section Moderator
The name of the mod disturbs me the most. It should be Knights: the Last Battle.

And I didn't even notice any grammar mistakes of the mod. Must be because i don't read it - I just press everything automatically. It's still the same game with same options.


I agree. The message still comes through regardless of spelling or grammar. The only thing I have done is to change the troop descriptions as there was some inconsistency with singular and plural, but that's just me. In no way has it ever changed my opinion of just how good this mod is!

John Felton

Awesome mod!  :grin:
Keep up the work  :smile:

BTW, I saw two bascinets, which were from Medieval 2: Total War :roll:  :shock: . They were put on by Longbowmen in that game. Anyway it is nice mod and I give it a rating of 5/5  :cool:


Another fantastic lot of screenies. Love the poses! This waiting's killing me...........  :cry: BUT I can take it  :mrgreen:

Had to laugh - in the third pic the scene from the film "Full Metal Jacket" came to mind where the drill segeant gets his very own FMJ lead injection. Drill Sergeant to frustrated and humiliated pikeman: "Now give me that damn pike, numbnuts!"

Great work team!
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