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I posted this in an ideas comment on the main page but i thought maybe it will get noticed in suggestions. My suggestion is when you sit on the throne events could happen. Like a notable would come and talk with an issue you could resolve. Like repairing roadways ect. I am dying for more ways to interact with the environments they have built.

Things that could happen:
-Notable quests
-Friend visitation
-Bickering between two generals
-Merchant visits with special goods
-Rebel leaders asking for support for independence.
-Clan asking to join your kingdom (please for the love of god make this happen in some way. Chasing and paying millions is annoying.)
-Romantic encounters. (hey come cheat on your wife/hubby, get caught and get bad rep)

Just think it would bring a lot to the kingdom part of late game where it can become a bit stagnant over just war war war. Would love to be sitting on the throne and see the guards stop a clan leader and then let him pass and he comes asking you to let their clan reside in your kingdom. It would just be a great feeling imo.

Would also love to see more reasons for people to visit cities. Like maybe a notable that comes asks you to inspect a shop in the city. I love the atmosphere of entering a city. Would just be great if there where more reasons to go into both.

/rant over
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