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Prety sure any persistent server files need to be 'bought' if you are reffering to the scripts and all that.

You can get them in the main PW thread, there's a section about scripts - I know that there's a guy that is giving one for free, he has a list of the features that are in it.

Good luck with what ever you're trying to do! :razz:

EDIT: This is the OSP I was talking about: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,347230.0.html

If you are talking about the regular server files, they are the normal ones, but persistent servers require these scripts (mainly for the gold and bank system).
So guys just wondering:

How many slots are enough?
Would you guys be too mad if I set up a donation link to fund the server and the server only?
EU or NA?

Anyone wants to admin for it?
so persistant lotr has a server, persistant age has one, even persistant civil war... guess what is missing all this time while we are waiting :wink:
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