Join multiplayer test this Saturday!

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                                                                    Where do you plan to be this

                                                            Saturday 12:00 CET


                                                Brytenwalda Multiplayer Test

The multiplayer addon is finally completed, but... we need experienced players to help us test it and balance things out.
If you have the time we would love to see you this Saturday at 12:00 CET. Just make a post and we'll sign you up. No PM needed.
If in doubt 12:00 CET is Central Europe - 1 hour ahead of Greenwich (Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid...).
If you're not sure you have the time then don't sign up. We expect to be playing 1 hour.

(Should there be too many interested in this we'll just go chronologically after who applied first.)

This is your chance to - literally - kick me and Idibil at our own game, and that shouldn't be too difficult  :lol:

In order to play this addon we will send you the necessary files Friday and ask you to install them in your Brytenwalda folder.
The server to play on is called Brytenwalda, so it's very important your mod is also called that. Not Brytenwalda1.39 or something.
The server is in (northern) Spain so the ping will depend on how far you away you are.
We will not be using 'teamspeak' or the like, so we will ask you to observe the game and give feedback afterwards.
Of course there's the ingame chat, but it's not suited for elaborate conversation so to speak.
Before the event at 11:30 we'll send you a link to a chat so we can organize it.

The battle:
The game will be a classic battle on a relatively open field/scene, and we encourage players to stick together Dark Age style.
The scene is just one of many multiplayer scenes - and there are some surprises in store.

New features:
The new features very much change the way combat plays out in multiplayer so your feedback is paramount to a fair and balance game.
Our goal has been to encourage players to follow the 'rules' of the Dark Age battle system, and that is reflected in the new features...

Dark Age Battle System

There are no men whom fear does not touch.
Battles require a strong organization or you will falter.

Heavy infantry is the core of the army.
They advance throwing javelins or darts, form a shield wall and charge.
Cavalry and light infantry then flank the enemy.
Ranged units avoid melee attack and provide cover.



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This is your chance to - literally - kick me and Idibil at our own game, and that shouldn't be too difficul

hahahha, too time with pyhton and scenes = less time for play 

However, I like am like spectator for detect if it has issues, balance etc... I am interesting in see like shieldwall work.
Too, you think that players will hate me by new stamina bar, you want they can kick me in game like vengance :mrgreen:



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Sure, you look your pm.

We use this chat (no need register) for this beta:

In Nickname writte your nick.
In Channels writte: #brytenwalda

I wait here all people that wish join to internal beta.


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Thank you all for joining an helping us find bugs. It was a lot of fun.
Thought I had the advantage of knowing the scenes, but no... I got my ass kicked pretty good  :lol:

We discovered some bugs, but nothing that ruined the gameplay. Idibil can say more.

I made a stickied thread with the list of scenes so far. Some you will recognize and some are new.


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Yes, all work fine, only only issues and conflicts with id of some players, specially Krisvk. I am working in that.

When We have fix that and some others (minor yet) issues of single player. Brytenwalda 1.391 will be out.


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dude24oak have upload a server with last internal update, if you wish help with testing, plz ask him and send issues to me  :lol:
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