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Yes, but I removed mods.


Hey Everyone, im having a massive issue on bannerlord that makes the game unplayable, recently my FPS in game has been abysmal, im usually able to get 120+ FPS easily, but now i can't even break 50.

My Specs are: GTX 1080 TI, 32 GB memory, I9 9900K Cpu.

Fixes i've tried include:

-Reducing Graphics Setting(Including Lowering Sound quality thing and Increasing Texture Streaming Budget)

-Reinstalling Graphics + Sound Drivers(Reverting Them Too)

-Using Geforce Control panel and Changing Settings directly(Setting High Priority + Task Manager)

-Reinstalling the Game

-Compatability Mode (Windows 7)

-Freeing space on my SSD(I don't have a HDD only SSD's)

-My GPU is Set in game(Used GeForce Control panel too)

-Rolling Back Win10 Updates

-Closing applications while Bannerlord is Running(only like 80% Of my GPU gets used and about 70% for my CPU in Task Manager)

-Disabling mods properly(E.G. Clearing Modules and Such in game Folder)

-Reinstalling Steam

-Unplugging Headset to see if that had an effect(It didn't)

-Reverting to previous versions of the game

Odd thing is First time i Reinstalled all my GPU drivers the game worked fine about 5 days ago, then randomly it exploded again and went back to 50fps(Reverting the Drivers again did nothing(Nor did reinstalling do anything)

Any Help would be appreciated as i'm Legitimately going to rip my hair out

Sorry in Advance if i missed anything
Also i Have the Telemetry Data Needed but i can't seem to find how to upload it via ticket, using logging on gives me a 404 Error where i'm supposed to. Can't post Screenshot unfortunately
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