Is there some way to immediatly switch throwing weapon to melee (like sword or axe) ?

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A lot of time i face a situation when i have 3 weapon (javs, throwing spear and sword) and when i tried to switch to sword while javs in my hand it took too much time cause first i get spear and only after that i can switch to sword. Is there is any way to bind mele weapon to key ?


Yes you can bind your weapon.

I have bind it on the 1,2,3,4 key who are used for giving orders in Captain.


Ye, i saw this option but its not very comfortable cause on every troops you cav different numbers of weapon and for example sometimes key "3" is mele , but on dif troop it javs


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You can drop all items and pick them back up in the preferred slot order every time you spawn.
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