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I have been trying to figure out what changes the rate from 14% to higher up to 20%. This is what I have come up with so far:

1) Renown has no effect. My solo horse archer is at ~850 renown at lvl 21 and has yet to receive any offer higher then 14%.
2) Level has no effect (so far). My other character has seen 20% rates before level 21 and way before 850 renown.

3) Town prosperity level has no effect.
4) Owning the town has no effect.
5) Having the town love you has no effect.

6) I don't think trade skill has an effect.

Things it may be:

Town positions filled/ buildings built.
Shopping around for the best rate.
Total wealth

I would sincerely love a dev response to this dilemma or other suggestions to test.


Was the 20% in 1.143 or possibly an earlier version?

I know trying to continue a game from a previous version does crazy stuff to the game economy.  One of my games saves from 1.142 after patching to 1.143 everything bought and sold for 1 thaler at merchants.

(edit) I have 500k in Kiev and 500k in Slutsk (my town) and I've looked at all the Merchant guilds in my campaign and they're all 14%.


I've seen 20 16 and 14 but I can't remember exactly when. I want to say that I've seen it post patch.


Interest really should be random based on the wealth of a Town.  Though I much prefer buisness owning from throwing money in a bank.  *laughs*

I've only and only ever seen it at 14% no matter what town I've visited. 


Hello !

Me too I've only seen 14% for a long time... And I've been very suprised when it suddently increased ! :shock:
It passed to 16%, 17%... Up to 19% for the while,; but I think it could increased to 20% :wink:

I asked myself about this change too... And I'm sure to have found: It increased with your relations with the nation of the town.
Indeed, it begins to increased near 60 relation with the nation; now, I'm near 100, and I'm at 19% :smile:

I hope I help you :wink:


Pre 1.41 it used to be if you owned the town the rate went up to 20%, even if the town was later taken back (though removing your money reset this)

Here are some ideas:
Increase relationship with:
The King (longshot)
Owning lord


I've owned a town and got its relations from 15 (starting) to 99 without a change so I can safely say it is not that. I don't think it is nation relations either but it is a quick check to test this. I have another post patch char I can go on.

It might be a complicated formula that involves a lot of factors such as the party size one. I'd really love a dev answer.



My relations with the Cossacks is 71 at day 400 and its still 14%, must have to be extremely high to impact interest rates. Maybe over 100?


I don't have a game over 100, but I have seen above 14% on my other games that were around 50.

Maybe it is just a bug?

Maxim Suvorov

Sergeant at Arms
Due to module code percenteg is calculated in this way:
		(call_script, "script_ms_add_check_troop_faction_relations"),
		(store_mul, ":percent", 20, reg0),
		(val_div, ":percent", 100),
		(val_clamp, ":percent", 14, 101),
		(party_set_slot,  "$g_encountered_party", slot_ms_party_deposit_percent, ":percent"),
		(assign, reg0, ":percent"),
		(call_script, "script_ms_add_check_troop_faction_relations"),
		(store_mul, ":percent", 20, 50),
		(val_mul, ":percent", 15),
		(val_div, ":percent", 10),
		(val_div, ":percent", reg0),
		(val_clamp, ":percent", 20, 36),
		(party_set_slot,  "$g_encountered_party", slot_ms_party_credit_percent, ":percent"),
		(assign, reg0, ":percent"),

So in most cases it depends on faction relations.  :idea:


Sergeant at Arms
It is supposed to be 14% if you don't own the town and 20% if you do.  I am cossack, with money in two cossack town that  own, one is 14% and one is 19%.  I have money in a Swedish town too and it is at 14% and my relations are really bad. 


Rad the Necromancer strikes again!

The title of the thread is just perfect.

Could someone please tell me where the script regarding the interest rate is located.
I need to check some things.

I have noticed that:
1. there is no interest on interest (those damn merchants lied to me)
2. the 14% interest rate is received for a period of 30 days, not for a period of one month
3. the interest is paid daily
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