Impossible To fight hand to hand

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I'm from Minnesota in the USA. The ping is so high here in servers over two people that I am killed in almost every mele fight. I am averege at hand to hand in native but the lag is horrible. I can still get kills with guns but that's all. Could it be the distance? It seems that most of the popular servers are in the UK or is it my fault? I love the game when it works but the lag makes it almost unplayable. Any help?
You are right it is the ping, it makes a huge difference when the combat can be buggy and things like bouncing strikes are in. I can't play with 100+ ping as its too frustrating. That's not to say you can't challenge people in melee, just lower ping people will have a massive advantage over you. Just get a musketoon :smile:
Hey, I'm from Minnesota too!!! I find that ping is not always a huge problem for me. When I play With Fire and Sword, it definitely is, because most of those servers are from Central/Eastern Europe. Not that many Americans play WFaS, however, with NW, I find my ping is generally around 20-30, although there is one big commander battle server where my ping is almost never under 100.
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