Idea for a mod - Middle east 1000BCE

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Mod would be historically based around year 1000 BCE, on the years previous to coronation of King David as king of Israel.

Saul would be the king and David would be the throne pretender as in warband, there could be cutscenes like David killing Goliat when fighting the Palestinia tribes.

As you would help David become king, or maybe become king yourself, you could start the construcion of the Temple of Jerusalem. The religious theme could provide lots of moral checks and other plot twisting events to the gameplay.

Later on would be nice to see the rising of kings in Samaria and Assirian kingdom and others pushing to conquest Israel.

Mod could be filled with lore, context and characters from the books of kings in the Bible, it would be pretty awesome and epic imho.

It's a pitty I don't have modding skills.
Would it be hard to do something like this? I love historical mods and starting of iron age is a very nice period.

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