Unresolved i wish there was one NEW mount & blade: warband - napoleonic wars server file

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i wish there was one mount & blade: warband - napoleonic wars server file
Like the title, I need the latest version of the server run file, I only have the old version now, I need a new version file, so I can only ask you for help, thanks a lot
I hosted a server at oasis-hosting.net, but it does not provide napoleonic wars server file, we need to upload it by ourselves, but the link: https://www.taleworlds.com/main.aspx?dir=download.aspx? type=2
It's been defunct a long time ago, and the latest I found:
There is only the native server file, and there is no DLC server file for napoleonic wars. Where can I download the latest version of the napoleonic wars server file?
I told you already that NW uses same server files as vanilla Native. By "server files" I meant dedicated server files which must be uploaded onto a server. The latest version of them is available here under 'Downloads': https://www.taleworlds.com/en/Games/NapoleonicWars. For your information, Oasis Hosting already has such files on a server after you purchase it; you only may upload your updated module if you wish so.
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