I love Sappers

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Had quite a bit of fun today being a combat engineer... I love this.




It really was quite effective, and it was fun to build.  Anyone else put a good use to Sapper other than suicide bombing or building fortifications?

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One interesting thing I've found is that you can stack explosive crates as high as you want for as long as build points permit which lead to me building stairways to heaven in the middle of the TDM server or just using them to get atop buildings.



Of course it only takes one guy to set them all off and crash every client within viewing distance of it.

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Whats fun is building fortresses out of explosive crates, then attempting (but ultimately failing) to fend off rogue infantrymen who have matches.


I love crashing the 15e server. Happened quite a few times with some Sapper engineer-ing.



This was interesting.  2 guys built a sandbag wall in the corner of the map, our team died and they were the only ones left.  They proceeded to blow themselves up while we all had to wait for them.  The other sappers complained of them using all the build points.  :-/



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I haven't been a proper sapper yet (I've tried one once on a siege map, but it was La Haye Sainte and since we were all rushing straight in, and I hadn't enough points for a crate, I just attacked the enemy with my axe) but I love the addition of them to the game, making useful and enjoyable little defences for vulnerable spots and redoubts for artillery. They are a very successful addition to the game in my opinion. They can do cool and useful things like the OP showed.


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They are very helpful when nobody else is playing them. I've found only to play them if the team needs the defenses badly and there's no other sappers. From that point grab a rifle and help them out. But some sappers are useless trying to make houses and ****. Don't be a useless person, grab a musket and help out.
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