I level without do nothing....

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The mod start to giving to me a lot of levels without i do nothing.
Simply make a big DING! and i gain 10+ levels in a single istant.
I signaled also in the Bug subforum, maybe is a mistake of the game.

And, OK, if i were a power player or a hungry for winning i had taken these extra levels and said Thank You, but i don't want gain in this way-i want make my experience and gain levels in a right way not with a trick or bug



Steppe Dragon
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Alex Dragon said:
Is this mod dead yet?
Not yet, but i dont upgrading the RoK now :smile:

@sannivius: You can start with normal skills, there is a "normal" opinion in starting menu.
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@Caliph: i sense this is a bug or something that go wrong. Let i explain with examples.

1) Time ago I started a new character, and while i had choosen the background, i have seen that i started at a level 14 with A Lot of points to distribute. Then i restarted another time, and this time the character started at the usual 1st level of experience.

2) 2 days ago I have started a new character: all OK, started at 1st level, then i make the usual training, coming to 2nd. Some moments later, where i moved outside of a city for go in a mission, i have head a DING! then the character has gained a lot of levels in a second...more or less 17 levels.

Why this? I think its a bug.