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I don't know **** about PCs, help.

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Well, Baldur's Gate blew the 2 hard drives I had at home. So now Im PCless. However I can borrow a HD, the thing is, Im afraid of screwing it up, since once I connect it to my pc it will start detecting and installing the "new" hardware, and I have to return said HD later. So my question is, can I create two separate accounts or whatever, one with the current configuration, and one with the new one that will be installed once i connect it to my hardaware? (the idea beign, to keep the original configuration unchanged, obviously), Im running windows xp proffesional, if that helps.


Yes. Possible, just make a new account in the CP and copy the existing settings when the dialogue box comes out, remember to give yourself admin rights.


BTW, the problem with my HD is that when I turn on the pc, it loads well till it tries to load windows, then it says "unmountable-boot volume" or something like that. Does it mean its totally screwed? or can i do something to try and fix it?


No, its not physically damaged. It seems that there could be a solution, but I would need the windows cd, **** me if i know were it is, last time I saw it was in 2001  :lol:, and it might be in my hometown.


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What happens when you try to boot off your current drive?

Depending on the seriousness, if you had/have/can borrow an XP cd (legal, I tihnk, if you use your own code), you can do a repair (over the top: no data lost) install.


If you have your own copy of an OS you can go create a separate partition (like a separate section) in your HDD just for your stuff. You can delete it later once you give it back.


Alright, after a ****ing huge oddysey, I managed to reinstall windows (had to, lost all my ****), but I least I got the internets back, so I can get everything again. BTW, a newly installed win xp is the most annoying thing in the world, Ill have to reconfigure the whole thing.

EDIT: jesus christ, this old messenger is ****ing ugly.


Good that u can use ur computer againe

I had that problem a year ago i'm sure a got a virus

If you have AnTiVirus just make sure its update once a week or so

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