huge group bug help please

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By default groups are:

1-all infantry
2- all archers
3- all melee cav
4- all horse archers
5- a split melee cav.

Whenever i try to make my groupings as follows:

1- infantry
2-archers 50%
3-ALL cavalry (ranged and melee in a single group)
4- another archer group 50%

It bugs out every single battle and it's annoying. There will be random groups forming, some melee cavalry gets stuck in the group 1 with the infantry, commanders start popping in wrong groupings, and i've had to resort to just not touch it and for a secondary archer group at 50% (because i like to split my archers in 2 groups) i have to use grouping 6, which is kinda far to reach i'd prefer to just have it as 4 or 5 on the keyboard. essentially we can't have custom groups

another way this acts up is, when the groups are changed from the default, the units will also stick to scattered formation and u can't get them on the right formation i've found a workaround this bug by having them dismount and remount (even though it's a full infantry group and no one is mounted). it's very annoying.

does this happens to anyone else ?? and any fix by any chance?? thanks!


Did you try to use formation 5 for the second group of archers instead of 4?
I think you did but if you didn't that might help.
What i think is happening is that the game wants to default formation 4 to Horse Archers, but since you want all mounted units to be in formation 3 the game starts having a seizure. Probably some funky coding.

Other question. Does this happen when you are in an army or even when you are alone?

If you find it happening in armies but not alone it might be caused by the AI defaulting units into their standard formations thus overriding your personalized formations.
I always try to use the main 4 as they are and use the rest for second and third formations.
I haven't experienced it in a while but i think it did happen a few times to me as well.

I advise to try to not use formation 4 if you can. if it solves it then what you can do to have the mounted formation stay together is using the toggle and transfer command after the start of the fight. Captain bonuses should be applied as normal, using the captain of the formation that you merged into.

So if you merged formation 4 into formation 3 the captain of the cavalry gives the bonuses.
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