Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

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*notice* For those of you new to M&B modding, the files you need to edit for these tweaks are in Mount&Blade\Modules\Native.

Since the list is getting so long, I thought it might be nice to organize it into sections.

Note: These may or may not be compatible with 1.010, I haven't had time to check any of them. Regardless, the 1.010 module system is now out - so making changes should be much easier now anyway :smile:

NOTE: To those experiencing an error telling them that they have too many simple_triggers when trying to load their savegame, this is likely due to installing the windmill bonus tweak. It uses a new simple_trigger. That was the reason it was not savegame compatible. However, all is not lost - all you must do is add the tweak again and the savegame will load properly in 1.010.

NOTE 1.011: This newest version moves the new variable to the end of the list, thus fixing the compatibility problems with 1.0 and 1.003. This also means all the changed tweaks from 1.03 to 1.010 need to be changed back. And the latest tweaks from Hardrada will need to be adjusted to fit 1.011.

NOTE 11/29/08: I added all the new scripts in the thread, but I haven't taken the time to test any of them. So, they're in the list - but if anything goes wrong, ask the creator since I know nothing of them. I also apologize if I missed any of them, since I just skimmed the thread and added the ones I saw :grin:.

Modding cattle behavior:
1. Change to make cattle follow instead of run

2. Info about changing the way villages get cattle

3. Make cattle move faster.

Modding party sizes:
1. Change Morale and Party Size (Try it if you want to, but it apparently has some issues in 1.003, people are reporting being unable to reach the increased limits set and troops are abandoning when above the limit. I'm not sure the cause.)
Update: I can't seem to find any errors with this... I made a bunch of changes and couldn't get any of the reported problems to affect me. If you're having problems, check your numbers and make sure you didn't do anything goofy like changing the renown to be divided by 0 (default 25).

2. Change AI lord's maximum party size.

3. Change number of prisoners you can hold per prisoner management point. Brought to you by isi. I think.

Modding quests:
1. Modify the timer on repeating quests, repeat them sooner!

2. Allow village elders to give quests again after refusing one

3. Allow asking guild masters for a different quest.

4. Modify relation bonus from completing quests, for lords and for towns/villages. (Very long, you have to edit them separately!)

5. Change the price of buying everyone wine in a tavern (to up town relations) This tweak brought to you by Swadia Nutt. (You can also use #4 above to change the amount of relation it gives)

6. Change the amount of prosperity villages gain from the cattle and grain quests.

Modding the arena:
1. Adjusting tournament bet amounts

2. Customize arena melee winnings (tedious)

3. Change the number of participants in a tournament + adjust how many are taken out each round. This tweak brought to you by Charonte.

4. Adjust equipment given to arena fighters. This one is a little difficult, since you have to look through a bunch of numbers and look up what item numbers are. See the post 2 below this one to change the equipment you get when sneaking into towns.

NEW5. Change the amount of renown gained from winning tournaments. This tweak by Tommylaw.

Village/Castle/Town related:
1. Change the amount of revenue received from trade caravans visiting your town. This tweak brought to you by allthesedamnnamesaretaken.

2. Adjust the build times on village improvements.

3. Make windmills give a 5% monthly bonus, instead of only once.

4. Change the way kings decide who to give land to.

5. Change the amount of gold the king gives you when he refuses to give you land. This tweak brought to you by Lancefighter.

6. Modification to be able to collect taxes from ALL your holdings by visiting any one of them.

7. Change the amount of money merchants have. This tweak brought to you by Hardrada.

8. Change the wealth of castles/towns (should change their maximum garrisons)

9. Change the bonus you get from schools.

10. Change the maximum food stores of castles and towns.

11. Add meet with guild master/village elder options to menus. This tweak by Hardrada.

Combat/Troop Related:
1. Editing to allow inventory access during sieges.

2. Make all troops obey your orders in combat, even if you're not the marshall.

3. Adjust the amount of time between recruiting from prisoners.

4. Change the number of mercenaries that appear in cities.

5. Change the number of troops recruited in villages.

6. Change the faction of troops recruited based on ownership of village. (same script edited as #5 above)

7. Make all parties that dislike you (like bandits) group up against you. (updated 10-08-08 to correct an issue with castle garrisons and spawn points attacking you)

8. Change the number of reinforcement waves both sides get during battle.

9. Modify the way wages are calculates for troops.

10. Modify the build times on siege towers.

11. Modify after-battle XP gain.

12. Change to allow inventory/party access in the menu while besieging a town.

13. Change the chance of recruited prisoners escaping.

14. Change the hiring cost of mercenaries. This tweak brought to you by The Mercenary.

15. Change the size of bandit parties. This tweak brought to you by Hank.

16. Change the size of deserter parties.

17. Change the number of men spawned in the town center and castle fights (after you win at the walls)

18. Change the attack menu to allow attacking even if relation is positive. (bottom of post) See Livonya's post for a situation where you might want this tweak.

19. Instructions on how to change the size of the random battle maps. Also see maw's other posts in the thread. This guide by maw.

20. Modify the type and amount of troops given to castles/towns and Lords as reinforcements.

Hero/Lord Related:

1. Allow garrisoning of heroes. This tweak brought to you by Lord Kinlar. Note: Be sure to also get my dialog fix (linked to in the bottom of the linked post) to fix dialog errors caused by garrisoning heroes.

2. Disabling companion interaction (have as many as you like)

3. Editing the chance of lords escaping after you defeat them.

4. Editing the escape rate of lords while imprisoned.

5. Editing the chance and frequency of ransoms being offered for lords.

6. Give troops to any of your kingdom's lords. This tweak brought to you by Lord Kinlar.

7. Change amount of honor lost when refusing to ransom lords.

8. Dialog to allow asking the claimant the location of your faction's lords while he is in your party.

9. Change the hiring cost of heroes. This tweak brought to you by G36E.

10. Remove the relation hit from assigning land during the claimant quest (bottom of post)

11. Change the character info screen to show your relation with lords as a #.

12. Modify the buying gifts system to be able to increase relation above 0 and change the cost and bonus of the gifts. This tweak brought to you by Lord Kinlar.

13. Modify how much experience lord parties and towns/castles get. This is how trainer skill affects lords. (middle of post)

14. Modify ransom amounts for lords. This tweak by Hardrada.

NEW15. Ask any lord to duel without quest. This tweak by Tommylaw.

NEW16. Enable option to refuse to let companions quit. This tweak by Hardrada.

Food Related:
1. Change to allow consuming of ale/wine

2. Fix your food! Fix for the food morale bug! It happened to one of my games, so I was able to come up with a 'patch' for it. I can't figure out what's causing the initial problem, but this will correct it - and keep correcting it if it happens again.

3. Adjust the amount of food you consume.

1. Edit the timer on bandit parties spawning. Also edit the max number of bandit parties spawned.

2. Enable cheat mode (does lots of stuff)

3. Enable cheat menus without cheat mode (without all the other messages)

4. Change Faction Colors This tweak brought to you by HardCode.

5. Change Player Faction colors (the red or the grey) See HardCode's post about the actual color codes, this just tells you where in the text files to edit them.

6. Change the name of your kingdom! To anything you want! This is probably the easiest tweak on the list, and what can beat your own custom named kingdom?

7. Dialog to make tavern keepers buy prisoners from you. (second half of the post, first half is a hacky way of making lords join you without a claimant)

8. Disable stat loss (only necessary for games over 757.5 days)

9. Adjust the set amount you get for prisoners. This tweak brought to you by red.murder1. (not compatible with 10)

10. Make the amount you get for prisoners vary based upon the level of the prisoner. (not compatible with 9)

11. Adjust the way the persuasion skill works. This has the 5 instances of Persuasion skill, and tells you how to change 4 of them.

12. Change persuasion to be based on charisma (or any stat)

13. Change how much trade skill affects things. (Also see Lancefighter's post below it for a color coded quote of the script.)

14. Change the weekly cost display to show costs for all troops - not just the ones in your party. This tweak brought to you by Hardrada.

15. Instructions to change sounds. This brought to you by Gaping Angus.

16. Instructions for changing ingame text colors. This brought to you by Kolba.

17. Add a cancel option to the assess prices menu in towns. This tweak brought to you by Hardrada.

NEW18. Make peace with kingdoms as a rebel. This tweak by Tommylaw. (Also see post below that one)

It's Do it Yourself modding :smile:

Also, heres the trading guide I posted. Not exactly a tweak, but I figured if I have it here too it will be easier to find :smile:
Trading Guide

Since 1.010 fixed the NO STRING error and the Dhirim Siege error, I'm removing the links to those.

Note: If you're trying to edit items, the easiest way to do it is to use jordan's item editor. It allows you to edit the items with an easy to use UI, and it really is a nice program.
-edit- Since the repository is down, I uploaded this to filefront.;12103247;/fileinfo.html
I know the change I made to allow banner changes in camp was compatible between save games.,45617.0.html
Props to Vlad the Impaler
All are save game compatible. The only one I'm not sure about is the cattle to villages one, I haven't really tested that one much - but I think it's save game compatible.

I just posted a new fix, but it's not a text file one so I guess I won't put it here.

It's a .sco file to fix the Dhirim siege. Oh, it's savegame compatible too :smile:

-edit- see the tweak itself to see if it's savegame compatible. Thought I should say that since they're getting pretty numerous and some might not be savegame compatible.
I fuxing love you.

How do you read the code and make the things applicable for 1.003?
Do you just read through it in notepad and know how to change it?
Did your parents read to you in binary or something? :grin:!

I've done all the modifications you have, I'm hoping they work. (Haven't even gotten back into the game yet :grin:
I just wanted to say thank you for the fixes you have contributed to the game. Mount and Blade has always been a tremendous amount of fun to play, so having the little "tweaks" to adjust the small "qwirks" of the non-combat features is greatly appreciated  :smile: ..... and now you have even improved the combat portion with your siege tower fix    :grin:.
The way I figure out what the 1.003 version text files are is to compare them with the .960 ones. Many of them are either the same or very similar. If they are then I can read the main numbers out of the .960 files, find them in the 1.003 files, and change them. Then I load up the game and run a quick test to make sure I didn't screw something up, and if it works I post it :smile:

The cattle spawning fix, for instance, is exactly the same as the one in .960. So I just looked up the relevant numbers in .960, found them in the 1.003 text files, and made a post with the important numbers highlighted.

Just wanted to say thanks a ton for these!  :grin: Was able to tweak 1.03 to be a little more suited to my tastes with them.

Last thing I'd like to change is the contribution to speed from pathfinding. Any idea on that one?
I'm not sure about the speed bonus, I think that *might* be hard coded - I couldn't find any script named speed or anything. If anyone knows where it's modified, I'd be happy to provide a little color coded guide for it - I just can't find it :smile:
No worries, thanks again for checking. I have every confidence that if it exists outside the executable, you'll find it.  :wink:

Oh, great new one on the siege inventory access too! Someone REALLY needs to get around to stickying your stuff.
Where would the relations with towns/villages be, under the menus script?  and would the recruitment values would be there as well, since they're both menu items?  And quests, especially for villages, is it possible to edit how often they appear?

For those of us who hate how rare the villager money donation quest is, here's a 'fix' to ensure you can pay of those whiny villagers whenever you talk to them.

In the conversation.txt, look for the following lines
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk 4095 866  1 2147484209 3 144115188075856056 50 30 Times_are_hard,_{sir/madam}._We_work_hard_all_day_and_yet_we_go_to_sleep_hungry_most_nights.  857  0

dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk.1 4095 866  1 2147484209 3 144115188075856056 50 70 Times_are_hard,_{sir/madam}._But_we_must_count_our_blessings.  857  0

Change the number in red (857) at the end of the line to 867, so it looks like

dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk 4095 866  1 2147484209 3 144115188075856056 50 30 Times_are_hard,_{sir/madam}._We_work_hard_all_day_and_yet_we_go_to_sleep_hungry_most_nights.  867  0

dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk.1 4095 866  1 2147484209 3 144115188075856056 50 70 Times_are_hard,_{sir/madam}._But_we_must_count_our_blessings.  867  0

Instead of closing the conversation after they talk, it directs you to the option of paying them 300 denars to help them out.  However, I don't know if it's possible to change the value your local renown goes up, because I can't find the number that controls it.
The amount of days to not repeat a quest is in the get_random_quest script, but each one is set individually - so you'll have to change each one that you want to.

Just open the scripts.txt file and search for 2133 2 1224979098644774938 (the first one is in the appropriate script). The first one you'll find will have a 0 following it, that's where the variable is initially set (so don't change that one). I'll list the results you'll find, with the default number so you can find the ones you want to change. These numbers are the number of days it takes before the quest will repeat.

1. initially set, 0
Village quests:
2. village grain delivery, 20
3. village cattle delivery, 20
4. train villagers against bandits, 40
Mayor quests:
5. Deliver wine/ale to town, 20
6. troublesome bandits, 30
7. kidnapped girl, 30
8. move cattle herd, 20
9. persuade to make peace, 100
10. deal with looters, 30
11. deal with night bandits, 15
Lady quests
12. rescue prisoner lord, 73
13. deliver message to prisoner lord, 30
14. duel for lady, 50
Enemy lord quests
15. Lend surgeon, 50
Lord quests
16. Meet spy in enemy town, 50
17. Raid caravan to start war, 100
18. Escort lady, 30
19. Raise troops, 15
20. Collect taxes, 20
21. Hunt down fugitive, 30
22. Kill local merchant, 30
23. Bring back serfs, 20
24. Follow spy, 50
25. Capture enemy lord, 80
26. Lend companion, 30
27. Collect debt, 20
28. Incriminate loyal commander, 180
29. Capture prisoners, 20

Just go to get_random_quest and start searching for  2133 2 1224979098644774938, all the instances you find should be followed directly by the number on that list. Then just find the right instance of it to edit for whichever quest you want to repeat more often and change it. This is savegame compatible.

Have fun.

-edit- If you're looking for the caravan quest, the reason it isn't in the list is it doesn't have a repeat timer. If for some reason you want to add one (maybe you don't LIKE caravans, and want to limit it to once a year or something) see the bottom of this post. And by doing this, further my evil plan to take over the world! Mwahahaha.
TheMageLord said:
I thought it might be nice to have the 5 little text file tweaks that I've posted in random places all stuck in one thread to make them easy to find. So:

1. Change to make cattle follow instead of run

2. Info about changing the way villages get cattle

3. Change Morale and Party Size (still works in 1.003)

4. Adjusting tournament bet amounts

5. Editing the escape rate of lords

It's Do it Yourself modding :smile:

-edit- More!
6. Editing to allow inventory access during sieges.

7. Change AI lord's maximum party size. (same thread as 3 above)

8. Disabling companion interaction (have as many as you like)

9. Modify the timer on repeating quests, repeat them sooner! (Yes, I just linked you to the bottom of this page. Heh heh...)

Also, heres the trading guide I posted. Not exactly a tweak, but I figured if I have it here too it will be easier to find :smile:
Trading Guide

I propose that this thread be Stickied!
I got another tweak for you in scripts.txt to increase the taxes you get from fiefs. Do a search for "do_merchant_town_trade" and you'll see this:

do_merchant_town_trade -1
20 21 1 1224979098644774912 22 1 1224979098644774913 1 4 936748722493063420 1224979098644774912 1224979098644774913 20 2133 2 1224979098644774914 72057594037927936 2108 2 1224979098644774914 2 2330 2 1 1224979098644774912 2330 2 2 1224979098644774913 2133 2 72057594037927937 1224979098644774914 521 3 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774913 48 521 3 1224979098644774916 1224979098644774913 50 2120 3 1224979098644774917 1224979098644774916 10 2107 2 1224979098644774917 1224979098644774914 2108 2 1224979098644774917 2200 2105 2 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774917 501 3 1224979098644774913 48 1224979098644774915 4 0 2136 3 1224979098644774918 0 100 2147483678 2 1224979098644774918 35 1 3 936748722493063465 1224979098644774913 1 3 0

The number in bold is the divisor for calculating TRADE tax revenues (when farmer and caravans trade with your fief). Basically, the smaller the number, the more trade taxes you receive.

Lowering this number will have a very large impact on the taxes you can get from owning TOWNS, but not so much for villages, and not at all for castles. For example, I changed it from 2200 to 110 and tested 2 weeks o fincome in Ichamur. First week i got 33000 denars, and the 2nd week I got 16000 denars. As you can see, your income can fluctuate wildly if caravans don't go to, or make it to your fief because of attacks.

However, this isn't the only thing that affects fief income. There is also rents that you collect, which is guaranteed income, but that's a little more difficult to track down and change because it's in triggers.txt. For now, I'm going to tweak this number so owning a town can actually let you afford a large army to protect it with 3-400+ troops.

This will also give you added incentives to PROTECT CARAVANS headed to your town!
Heres another one kind of related to the quest timers one. If you turn down a mission, the game sets a slot of that troop to not give you any more quests. For lords and ladies, this is fine - every 36 hours it goes through and resets them all to 0. But on village elders, theres no trigger to set it back - so they will NEVER give you a quest again. This tweak simply changes the check that's done to throw off the thing and make them always offer you quests. It can be done for lords & ladies too if you like, but they sometimes have penalties associated with turning down quests other than just not giving you one again for 36 hours - so you probably wouldn't want to keep asking and turning them down anyway.

Open up conversation.txt and do a search for
1 540 3 144115188075855885 20 1

That should find 3 instances total in the file. The first is under lord_request_mission_ask, and that deals with lords. The second is under lady_ask_for_quest, and (obviously) it deals with ladies. The third is the village elder one - village_elder_request_mission_ask (which is the one that I primarily made this tweak for). You can change just one or all three, whatever you like.

All you have to do is change the 1 to a 2 or 3 or anything but 0 or 1. I just set mine to 2. What this does is: When it tries to go to that conversation, it checks for the slot to be set to that number. By default it's set to 0, and when you turn down a quest it sets that slot to 1 - so the default 1 makes it come up once you have refused a quest. If you set it to check for 2, it will never come up because nothing ever sets it to 2. And if that one doesn't come up, the next one does - which is the one that actually offers a quest.

Thus you can then refuse a village elder quest without making him stop giving you quests forever.
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