How to get modules folder for mount&blade warband

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I looked up on the net how to use modules.It keeps sayin you move the files into mount&blade/modules folder

I tried that but I do not have the Modules folder in the mount&blade warband not know how to get it.

I need help!!! I am dying to play new modules but :?: :cry:


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Do you have "modules" folder?
yes? Then just paste there a folder of your mod...
For example:
Modules(folder) -> my mod(folder)
In Modules folder you have folder named "Native" it's... Native version of game. Just paste your mod folder next to that folder (no into it!)

EDIT: Wrong board anyway :roll:


When I go into the mount and blade warband folder what comes up is

The native file folder which is empty? but I can still play on native
The Scandanavian Mod file folder which is full of stuff!
The screenshots file folder which has screenshots!
And Rgl_config is there

When i go into the opening thing i go into select module and native is the only one


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are you looking in your documents folder?

you want to put them in the :\Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules folder


In program files mount and blade warband is not there and I do not know where else to look for the mount and blade warband modules folder

I have a ton of modules for m and b 1 and I dyin to get some for warband someone help :cry:


RIght click Mount and blade on your desktop and click "open file location"

You have vista? Not sure if this works on XP


Queen Pinky said:
RIght click Mount and blade on your desktop and click "open file location"

You have vista? Not sure if this works on XP

(I know I'm bringing up an old thread, but I was really confused because this didn't work until I did something.)
Anyhow, the location of M&B Warband is in Steam. Mine was in Program Files x86, Steam, Steam Apps, then Common. Hope this helps someone.


I know that this is a REALLY OLD thread but after looking and looking for the modules folder and trying over and over agian just to get one mod (SWC) for warband nothing has worked.  Im pretty sure i dont have a modules folder.


I hate to be a pain in the backside, but does anyone know how to do it on Windows 10? (For specification, the mod that I'm trying to move is called Warsword Conquest.) Yes, I know this is an incredibly old thread, but I thought i'd give it a try. Thanks.


if you have a really old or self made computer with an older thing such as windows 7 xp or professional sometimes your x86 file you cant use %appdata% to get it up as it isn't used as frequently as roaming was less used  so do this pc your local disk  C:\Program Files (x86) then click on steam and find mount and  blade warband to install mods as older pcs when it first came out roaming didn't find it useful til it became more popular as apparent with windows 10 so I hope this helped as this is how I fixed it on my windows 7 as directory is slightly different that's why you might not see it
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