How do I get all my troops to be present during siege battle

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I hope I am posting this in the right forum.
I am playing on Xbox One. I am pretty new to Mount and Blade Bannerlord and I am having the hardest time capturing any castle. My current problem is that while I have the numbers to capture the castle I am attacking if my whole party is present, I can’t seem to figure out how to make them all show up. I am attacking a castle that has 117 defenders, my force is 139, I am attacking on my own. However, only 69 of my troops are present. This puts me at a disadvantage. I have seen many posts talking about battle size restrictions, which I sort of understand from a performance perspective, but this battle is small compared with some of the others I have participated in. When I have helped other lords attack castles, they have hundreds on the field and the defenders have hundreds, then reinforcements still show up for both sides as troops are lost. It feels like the game is designed to make it as difficult as possible to own a castle. Even if I win this battle, I won’t hold the castle because an enemy army went way out of their way to come get me despite being at war with another faction. Can anyone tell me how I can field more troops at castles? Note: it is only at castles that I have this problem.
Sounds like some kind of bug. Perhaps it's something like the militia not being counted as defenders (maybe due to low loyalty) but being counted by the game as units for deployment, making the game think there's many more then there are. I don't know, it should need hundreds of defenders before the limit start to reduce your troops. Probably need to report it as abug.
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