How can I modify the villager party? lookslike Something weird happened in partyTemplates.xml

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Recently, I'm trying to bring the "bladesister" troop line from M&B warband into M&B bannerlord, so I decide to make some female villagers and modify the villager's template to add some female villagers into villager's party first, which I set as the basic troop of that tree. as everyone who familiar to M&B's mod knows, to do that, I need to change the villager's party template, so I go for the "partyTemplates.xml" and modified the “villager_culture_template”line, but after I put it into test, I found my change isn't working. after several ours of testing, I finally found the "villager_culture_template”line in "partyTemplates.xml" didn't work at all, is that a bug? or I just didn't find the right line to modify?

the game version I use is 1.7.1 beta
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