Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask a few questions

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Hey guy's first I wanna say I love your games! I've been playing since warband and I have viking conquest. Don't worry I'm not here to badger you about when the next update is coming but I do have a few general questions. If you can't answer for work related reasons I understand but I was wondering if any of the following things were being considered for addition or if you had an official opinion on the idea as devs.

1. Do you think you guys think you're ever going to expand the map or do you feel it's sufficient.

2. are you planning to add sailing like in viking conquest?

3. is there any chance that we will get something like a culture or religion conversion system in the future?

4. Are there possibly any possibilities of an improved role play system of some kind?

I'm aware you can't have a release date for any of these things if they are planned but I'm just wondering if you guys had any thoughts on the ideas as devs personally? Yes or no's are fine and again if you're not allowed to answer I understand but if you can feel free to go into as much detail as you are allowed as I'm very curious! XD
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