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Did they do anything with the late game or is it still grinding through hundreds of sieges?


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If you could create vassal clans from wanderers last time you played, then no, nothing significant has changed and probably nothing at all regarding late game.


Nothing much apart from a few quality of life mechanics and new armors

The game is almost same since last year
1.8 worth it or nah?
Imo wait for fix hopefully soon to get eco which was overworked but with new bugs (that where fix is needed), also armor finally has been bit improved - latest armors not lower tiers though shooting is still pain hopefully effective range of range dmg will get tonned down against heavy armors sometime.

Biggest improvement for me is that finally leveling skill is much more straithforward for those penalties like cut dmg for atletics was bad only pierce was effective finally does not matter (in couple of hours a new char has 225 atl). Also others skills like leadership and engineering is faster (supposed to be).


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1.8 worth it or nah?
It has a lot of QoL improvements but as always also some bugs (smithing, workshops).

But overall it´s the best Bannerlord experience we had so far. So it´s worth to give a shot but don´t expect a different game compared to 1.7.0.


1.8 worth it or nah?
Pretty cute scenes.
They also added Aserai and Butterlord be blessed,Vlandian armour that shamefully it isn't implemented on Lords or troops.
T5 Vlandian Cav have 40 body armour,mofo die just by looking at them ugly.

Now we only need better diplomacy and more management,empire building to spice the game some more to make every battle that much exciting knowing what's at stake to win or lose.
It should be the next patch after we got the siblings,marriage and death,prison break,terrain and now cutscenes as the big updates.
Oh yea and they somehow made Khuzait troops even uglier...SOMEHOW...

Right now you only need 1 city semi built to collect enough taxes for a large party of elites and veterans plus a 2 or 3 semi good clan members.
And let's not forget gameboards and other trader,peasant immersion features that could help some players immerse themselves.


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Well, guess I've got to go back in. Pretty sure I'm not going to give a **** about anyone of the new features and just quit after five hours but I might as well try.

But my old save doesn't work. I remember there was some method to make it work but I can't find it right now.


AFAIK you should save it with 1.7.0, then load and save again with 1.7.1

Do that and you should be fine, unless they are truly ancient saves.

1.8 is a significant update, it's worth trying - debatable if worth starting a new character. Probably better to judge with an existing save. Large battles are no longer determined by the spawns, troop quality and tactics actually mean something. Still think armor should be a bit stronger, ranged is still kinda OP due to high damage.

Leveling has been improved greatly for Athletics and Roguery, which was much needed.

Trade is less tedious, but still rather slow. Really wish Workshops or at least Caravans would grant XP. Both are more profitable, but also more risky and volatile. (Silversmith seems a bit too good, Pottery Shops are surprisingly weak)

They way Armies work together really changes the game, and you get disorganized state for leaving Armies. So it's a lot harder to cheese the A.I.

New battlefield spawns are a godsend, I'd thank TW more, but this really should have been addressed over a year ago. Biggest issues with this game are the non-existent character interaction and lack of diplomacy/kingdom control. Lack of character interaction is a real problem for a game that wants to style itself as an "RPG". I don't expect or really want tons of custom characters that are dynamic and fully voiced. But is it asking too much to have some actual ways to improve/damage relations, or better yet can characters at the very least react to your actions? It's really silly you can hire any companion and they (mostly) won't object or praise any actions. Same goes for family members; no real courtship, no problems or events of any kind.

It's a decent conquest game and or battle simulator, but that's all I fear it will ever be. Rather underwhelming for something that'll have been in EA for 3 years.


Nope, the AI is still as dumb as before and has exactly two different battle plans which depend on if they´re stronger or weaker than your force...
I didn't say the A.I. was smart, honestly smart A.I. is always dangerous can given how it can usually out-micro players. Though the A.I. does many "dumb" things. I know TW wanted the A.I.'s skills somewhat tied to leaders tactics, but it's not been terribly great.

It's just for you, the player, tactics can make a bigger difference now. Not to say tactics were meaningless before, but too many larger battles (for me anyways) devolved into who had the best spawns. So even if you gained an initial advantage with a smaller force, it was meaningless since all their troops would just spawn on existing ones.
Did they do anything with the late game or is it still grinding through hundreds of sieges?

The recent rework of charm made conquest trivially easy, should you choose to use it. You get infinite-influence and nearly 100% chance to recruit clans. Just recruit 20 clans and AFK through sieges. You can easily add 15-20 fiefs per game year, all while touching the keyboard only a few times of hours (to start the next siege).

1.8 is a big step forward in optimization, but in terms of gameplay it's a huge step backwards.

1. Seiges are worse than before, with multiple bugs (troops not defending, troops not using ladders/towers, troops won't go through gate after ram breaks it, trying to lift up siege ladder as player perma-locks you into animation, troops will push player off wall if you try and shoot from the edge).

2. Rebel clans are bugged, and sometimes become invincible (unattackable by player faction, even when hostile)

3. Economy is bugged and non-functional. "dynamic" shops means that the theoretical most profitable shop in a town is created 3x in many towns on day 1 (shops in epicrotea are three woodworkers, shops in askar are 3 breweries, etc.) This means that passive economy/trade is mostly non-functional the first 5-6 years of the campaign until shops start rerolling.

4. The new respawn system is worse than the previous ones. Field battles are mostly unplayable. Units start at random spots on the edge of the map and attempt to work their way to the main fight. The problem is that many of the new fight scenes have bugged pathing, so they just wander in circles (sometimes even while in shieldwall formation) and rarely join the fight. Very high cavalry % in every army means that fights aren't medieval battles. Bannerlord battles are currently a reskin of "Hello Kitty Bumper Car Adventures" in horse-themed bumper cars. Aserai defensive AI is bugged and will occupy high ground, stand still, and die (often while not even using projectile weapons to fight back). I did a campaign against the aserai and killed around 2,000 troops while only taking 20 total losses (mostly in the fight i autoresolved). I was even using forest bandits as arches to save on pay.

5. Armor rebalance makes Vlandian units exceptionally weak (Crossbows and sarges). Fians and Khans are still cartoonishly overpowered.

6. Politics are bugged, and clans will randomly desert for new factions.

7. Levelling system is much faster than before (except for medic), which is mostly good for the play experience.

I understand that development is a '2 steps forward, 1 step back' process, and that 1.8 probably represents progress in the back-end, with great optimization and systems that may work (if balanced and fixed). In terms of the play experience, it's got a lot of problems and I'd recommend waiting for the next big update to come back to bannerlord. 1.8 seems like a patch focused on getting technical systems in place and ready to be tested, without much work on the gameplay side of design.
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