Have the devs said anything about fixing that twitching when troops blob up in sieges, and battles in general?

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When troops bunch up when they rush the gates for example, they enter a horrible tweaking frenzy. Im assuming that the troops are automatically moving to avoid colliding, but it just looks plainly terrible and causes so much stuttering. In Warband the soldiers were simply still if they didnt have a path which they could take, because they werent programmed to "scoot" or "skip" past another soldier that was in their way. I havent been able to find the devs commenting on this specific issue
Wondering how the twitching harms performance. Always worried I'd trigger a crash when a lot of them spasm out. Havent seen this adressed ln the forums before though so good thread.


Is this because of the developers or because the RBM team is doing something to try to address this?

By the RBM team, I mean, do you mean this thread: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...per-formation-behaviour-in-bannerlord.447006/

I'll respond to that thread and vote yes.
Well yes, we managed to fix the shaking in field battles, it still happen a bit in siege, because we cannot fully implement our formation behaviour in them (but franky pushing at least on walls makes bit more sense there).
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