The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

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Merged The Shaking bodies: Collision capsule problems and their jitter effect on the player camera by @Terco_Viejo (his OP starts here)

Right now unit collision is to low. When two formations collide they sort of melt together and die really fast. As a result, big 500 v 500 infantry engagements last less than three minutes.
They went from this: https://youtube/pv2qb66PbUg?t=233
To this incomprehensible mess: https://youtube/wcwrKBGFkzY?t=171
Also you can run through your ranks without any hindrance.

This makes the strategy factor lose a lot of potential as the infantry lines die so quickly that you don´t have time to position other units and elaborate more plans around your strategy in battle.

I have created this post in The Citadel Thread and everyone who replied agrees with it.
Here is the thread:

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For me it's not even about aesthetics or visual immersion in the first place but about how fast battles are over. Since you can't react on what is going on there almost no room for tactical troop movement etc. This needs to be fixed and ruins mid and late game.



Battles are over far too quickly, the 1v1 feel is pretty good, but with big groups of troops it all falls apart. Can only echo the sentiment from OP and the previous poster. Early game fighting looters I didnt really notice it, but as soon as I joined in with an army of more than 100 on both sides, it becomes very apparent. Especially as that entire fight lasted less time than a 40 vs 40 in warband.



Right now its a big problem since while blobbing and attacking a formation units win just because there are 1v5 situations. I remember trying to defend in a bottleneck with an elite party of 70 men against vlandian party of 120 which had 70 (!) recruts amongst their ranks. The defence ended in seconds when enemy cav just rode thru the shieldwall with no objection and started killing the archers who were behind. Then recruits arrived and shaughtered the shieldwall as a swarm.


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Please look at this TW. Blobbing makes the armies look smaller than they are.
I agree.
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Taleworlds - You really need to have a long hard look at this post, and other similar to it.
The battles are the epitome of this game. They really should not be over en 2-3 minutes.
Keep the patches coming.
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