Grain transportation,Camping,Patrol,Rapid march! Many practical suggestions!

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First of all, my English is not very good, I am not a native English speaker
Sorry for some grammatical errors, I wrote these words using Google Translate.:ROFLMAO:

After an encounter, if there are more wounded soldiers, the troops need to camp and rest that night to recover their strength and improve morale. Traces left by the camp
Camping is also the content of warband. I hope to add camping to bannerlord in subsequent updates and make camping innovative

2.Rapid march and Sneak ambush。
Long-term rush marches and sneak marches will greatly reduce morale. I think this is a very simple and small change that makes the game more playable.

3.Troops can temporarily separate "small teams" on the world map.
The small team is still part of the original army, and it can be separated out through the option of communicating with the members of the army. Small teams can do a lot of things such as reconnaissance, chase or intercept enemy troops, post-break, guard, and even deliver food, etc.
In the same way, a team or a small team can also be separated from the legion and it is also under the command of the legion. It is possible that the "small team" in the legion can be other lords' troops or players' troops.PS:I think this is very important.(y)

4.Ambush, trap.

5.Grain transportation

As you can see, when some legions were besieging other castles, they clearly did not have enough food to support, but the lord still decided to continue, which eventually led to the disbandment of the legions and did nothing.:rolleyes:

6.Make the road more meaningful.
There are many roads on the world map. If marching on the roads can increase the speed of the army, it will make the roads more strategic and increase the playability. Food transportation will complement this.

7.Players will also spend time on the world map during encounter battle and siege.
This makes it possible for the player to become a vanguard force, because the player first engages with the enemy force, and the passage of time on the world map gives the player a chance to get the support of the friendly forces behind.
Considering that it is not very practical to calculate the encounter battle and the world map at the same time, it can be set to allow the player to decide whether to temporarily suspend the encounter battle to calculate the movement of the world map when the encounter battle is in progress for 1 or 2 minutes.

8.There is obviously room for improvement in the command system of real-time combat. I believe TW is improving(y)😃

9.You can build siege equipment in your own town and castle.

Troops can carry siege equipment to make siege more convenient. Of course, carrying siege equipment will greatly slow down the speed of troops.

10.Patrol police
The police patrol is mainly responsible for the security of towns and castles. Patrol police is an advanced option. Players or lords can organize one to three police patrols (15 to 35 people) at a higher price to protect nearby villages and caravans. The salary of the patrol police team is issued by the player or the NPC lord, so if the player pays attention to public order, it will improve the relationship with the local dignitaries and village landlords.

11.When you are the lord and your clan has high prestige, you have a certain influence and power over the local dignitaries.

12.Carrying a large number of troops or legions into other neutral countries will cause suspicion and warnings or obstructions from the lord or patrol police if discovered. If a large number of troops are brought into the country by the player, and they are close to the capital and important cities, it will be considered as starting a war.
Carrying a large army to a town in another country will also be suspected, and will be required to station troops outside the city.

13.You can send several spies to other countries to obtain intelligence.
Of course, other countries may also send spies to your country. They will hide in cities, villages or taverns. You can catch spies from other countries and use it as a political tool.

Carrying a large army to a town in another country will also be suspected, and will be required to station troops outside the city.
Advanced expectations:
1.The troops on the world map will collide in volume. As the number of troops increases, the area occupied by the troops will increase, and the camps will also expand.When there are more infantry, the troops will have more infantry models.

2.The combat AI of the cavalry is not perfect, and it often misses people.

3. Politics needs to be perfected, and interesting political struggles can be a playable point in the middle and late stages of the game.

more details:Such as the banquet in the warband, etc.
When your prestige is huge, your arrival will be welcomed by townspeople and local dignitaries. When you are the lord of the town, you will also receive reception etiquette.

Mount&Blade is my favorite game.
I sincerely hope that my suggestions can be seen and adopted!
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