Governor Equipment Suggestion

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I would like to suggest more methods to interact with and modify the equipment of companions who are assigned as Governors.

Suggestions -
When visiting the Town or Castle where an assigned governor is located:
- add a conversation option in the dialogue tree from world map, that will open up your equipment inventory, with the Governor. Allowing you to swap items on Governor; or
- on the Manage Garrison menu, add an icon for the assigned governor on the Garrison half of the screen. Then permit this image/icon to be interacted with to edit gear; or
- on the Manage Castle/Town menu, allow for interaction with Governor image to permit gear editing; or
- when entering the Keep and speaking directly to the Governor, allow dialogue option to edit equipment; or
- when you Open Stash of the Castle/Town, add the Governor to list of companions to edit equipment.
How many clicks does any of your options save you, from taking the governor to the party and from ordinary partyscreen equiping the governor, then reassigning them from manage town/castle?

But yes, in interaction-menu with any clanmember - whatever they are doing, there should be an manage equipment option unless character is in your party.
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