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General questions

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I have a few questions regarding certain aspect of the gameplay.

1- When you assign a captain to a formation, does the control need to be delegated for all the bonuses from the perks to apply? How does it work when the main character has one set of perk and the captain has the other one? Does the formation gets both bonuses?
2- Certain bonuses from perks affect troops when they are in a shield wall formation. Is square formation considered shield wall for that kind of bonuses (like the Phalanx perk, for example).
3- How does bracing work for troops. Do they need to be in a particular formation for it to work? Does it need a special command for it to work? (I know about the length of the polearm, but that's it)
4- How does the weapons priority works for companions. If I give them a long spear, a shield and a sword, will they be able to brace for the initial charge before changing to a sword and shield?
5- In one campaign, are all weapons, armor and horses eventually accessible or it's randomize for each run?
6- Is there somewhere I can find answer to that kind of questions? A database of some sort, up to date with each updates?

Thank you very much!
Sad, no one has tried to answer. I'm not the best player, and play on test, but I'll share what I do know.

1 - They need to be in command of the formation for Captain bonuses. If a Party Leader has traits labelled Army Commander they should also apply. When other party leader bonuses overlap ... I'm not sure and it may be changing on test (where my games are right now).
2 - No clue, but I would suspect no.
3 - I am unsure if a specific command (say Hold Position) makes it more likely they'd brace and charge less likely. That would make sense but I have not seen it. I'm not seeing bracing behavior on test at all right now. Looters used to try and brace against horses on live, but I don't see this at all on test with one exception. Foot arena AI combatants will sometimes use a spear effectively against a mounted opponent. So it may be looter specific AI changes, but I am unsure.
4 - Not seen bracing (again) but archers switch to a melee weapon in close range. And mounted troops will switch from a long weapon to a melee weapon when they are also engaged in close combat on horse. I have even seen companions swap between sword and board and two-handers when in hideouts. Couching lances on test seems working again in a cavalry charge.
5 - I think they all can eventually show.
6 - Let us know if you find one first!
Thanks for the answers. Yeah, my username is just the same I use everywhere, but I never considered it to spammy or fake looking. Thanks for the comment.
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